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Yahoo Yahoo: The new job opportunity in Nigeria

Yahoo yahoo guys as people would describe them to be are criminals, chameleons, fraudsters, among others. The name “yahoo yahoo” came into existence since the year 2005. Ever since then, people who have no jobs have joined the yahoo gang. The Nigerian government should, however, take the blame for driving Nigerian youths into this act. Poverty is one of Nigeria’s biggest problem which the Nigeria government has failed to reduce or solve as the prices of products keep rising and getting a job is becoming impossible. Most government officials are not even living on their salaries and so most of them are corrupt. This brings the question, Can Nigerian ever be great?

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Yahoo yahoo has been on the low till  Raymond Hushpuppi a famous Nigerian Gucci lover has been accused by some Nigerians being involved in it. This was concluded because of his flambouyant lifestyle seen on a regular basis on instagram. Apparently, they have no evidence to support their claims. Who knows, he might just be an investor who invests in peoples businesses like the great warren buffet. 70% of Nigeria youths have got themselves doing “yahoo yahoo” and it has actually been paying most of them. You would see them riding in cars that cost thousands of dollars and you wonder what kind of job does this person do? Are they kidnappers? Or have they used someone’s child for money rituals? Although some Nigerians say some of them actually take their hustle to the next level which they call “yahoo plus”.

Yahoo yahoo is termed as a cyber crime which involves a random and skilled person sitting at the back of a computer with the sole aim of duping white people. Yahoo yahoo has turned into a job to most Nigerian youths and they have over the ears gained passion for it. Some make more than $3000 every week, converting that to naira is actually a whole lot of money. They are not to be blamed, Are they? The Nigerian government has given them no choice, have they? The act is very bad and immoral and what most have failed to believe is that they can survive without doing it. Do you know yahoo yahoo is not even a quick to get rich scheme? These guys actually work their ass to get paid. The law of karma still exists right? What goes around comes around.



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