why do people tell lies.

Why do people tell lies?

You would often wonder why people tell lies, but you snap out of it the moment you discover you are also part of those set of people. How do you feel knowing you are a liar? How do you feel knowing that people hardly believe any word coming out from your mouth? The same way people get addicted to smoking, drinking is the same way people get addicted to lying. I pray you never meet an addict because you would so get pissed. I was on a bus heading to a friends place when a commuters’ received a call, only God knows who he was talking to. I was amazed and wanted to burst into laughter when the man said he was just waking up from sleep. Some people have so gotten used to lying that they can’t do without telling different series of lies in a day. Why do people tell lies? My angry cousin asked me after her friends told her a big lie which almost ruined her relationship with her fiancée!

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Why do people tell lies? Some lie to gain respect from people, some lie to save their heads, some lie for fun. The most dangerous set of people are those who do it for fun. I know you must be wondering or asking if there is truly anybody who doesn’t tell a lie. Yeah, there are people who don’t. Although they are very rare to come by. If people don’t trust you, how will you trust yourself? The biggest mistake you would ever make is lending a lier some amount of money. It will take a decade before the money is returned. You would begin to hear different types of stories you haven’t heard your whole life. A single lie has broken a 15-year-old relationship and left it in the mud. The truth sometimes is hard to say but its worth it. Lying is bad and should be abstained from. The more you tell a lie, the more you look for a lie to cover your lies up. Honesty is a value that should be possessed by many but the reverse is the case.

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Speak the truth no matter how bitter it is. At times someone close to you would tell you a blatant lie and you would be like why do people tell lies? It is really serious, the way people even exchange there honesty for money. Its never too late too change!!!



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