wrong impression

What Wrong Impressions Can Lead To

It wasn’t easy moving on and leaving the memories of her 8yr old behind. The fact that colleagues and friends kept telling her sorry for months made her see getting a new job and changing environment as the best way to get over the emotions. She finally gets an opportunity at a new firm and decided to take it.

it was the first day at her new job and at lunch hour she decides to visit the diner, the first thing her eyes caught were the doughnuts on display and immediately, they reminded her of her son, he loved doughnuts to a fault but she didn’t mind, because as a child she wouldn’t trade her chocolates for anything in the world.

Her knees grew weak as a result of the flashback and she took a seat as she sank in thoughts, completely oblivious of every other thing that was happening around her. In her state of oblivion,  obinna who works on the third floor walks by and says hello but Ronke didn’t respond not because she’s a snub but because she was buried in thoughts. Obinna felt so upset that he just kept walking on. With his eyes all red and ego bruised he bumps into Tom, his friend and colleague on the third floor and owing to the fact that they’ve shared the same office for years, Tom knew instantly that something was wrong and so he says;

Tom: Obi! how far now? why your eyes red like so?
Obinna: No be that yeye girl wey just start work for fifth floor. i just greet am now and she didn’t reply
Tom: Really?
Obinna:Yes! very proud girl.

The next day was a very rainy Tuesday and being a considerate person she felt being late on the 2nd day at her new job was irresponsible, so she left her house with a giant umbrella and managed to get to the bus-stop with her clothes dry and intact, she got a bus without delay and knowing it would drop her off two blocks from her office building, to her, meant she’s safe from getting stained or wet. She finally alighted and as she approaches the building, a red sport car whose driver was obviously in a hurry ran into a pot hole and splashed what seemed like pellets of mud on her she takes a look at her now muddy clothes and her mood changed with her face filled with a frown tough enough to scare the devil she walks into the ground reception and bumps into Tom, who says;

Tom: hello (and Ronke with her face still filled with frowns replies without even looking in his direction)
Ronke: Hi (and hurriedly looks for the ladies hoping to still find a way to look pleasant for the day’s work).

Tom stood there feeling rejected because of the way Ronke answered and instead of pausing for a while to ask himself why she could have reacted that way, the only thought that came to his mind was what obinna said the previous day. He walks into his office and says to obinna;

Tom: Guy! wetin you talk yesterday na true ooo.
Obinna: wetin be that?
Tom: If you see the way wey that girl wey dey fifth floor answer me when i greet am, you go think say i be s**t
Obinna : You see! didn’t i tell you yesterday?

Unfortunately two people already have wrong impressions about a naturally quiet and wonderful lady. These two friends go on to tell at least three people each and in no time the entire office complex starts interpreting Ronke’s quietness as pride and ”feeling too big to talk to them” and as such they begin to react rashly towards her many times due to what they hear. We already have our minds made about people and we begin to see them in the lights and visions that were displayed from another person’s point of view (which was borne out of misinterpretation) and then we miss out on the opportunity of being friends with someone who actually is of a good character. It funny what happens when people have wrong impressions about you. It is good to listen to people but always let your own observation and wisdom decide.

We may think our little actions don’t matter but the Aluu 4 will probably be alive now if 30% of those that left their homes just to see their execution went there with a mind of asking at least one or two questions instead of being in a complete state of ”total assumption”.

May GOD help us all