Weeds: An hinderance to your success (A Must Read)

To some people, weeds are harmful living things that grow with food plants in a field or an area. There is also a type of plant popularly called weeds in which its leaves are smoked by categories of people who are called smokers or Drug addicts. You might have already uncovered that the places where weeds used the most are harmful. This piece would be related to the first definition of weeds in this article. After the completion of this article, there is a 95% probability that you would see life differently especially with the kind of people you spend time with.

Human beings can also be categorized as weeds depending on its characteristics and behavior it possesses. The question on your mind right is how would a human being be a weed? Get a cup of water and read on. The first definition of weeds in this article clearly states that weeds are harmful living things that grow with food plants and also share their resources hereby limiting its growth and production. As an individual who is all bent on becoming successful, you must always figure out “weeds” among your friends and try to cut ties with them. These sets of people don’t add value to your life. They are parasitic in nature. When you ask them for advice, they give you bad advice or tell you to find a solution yourself and they call themselves your friend!

Your success depends greatly on the people you mingle and make friends with. You make friends with people who don’t give you good vibes, those who don’t add any value to your life, those who don’t motivate you in any way, you are going nowhere. They are going to keep bringing you down and when you do something that deserves an applaud, they criticize you. The ground is your limit if you don’t cut away weed(s) from your life. Move with people who have made it, people who are making it or people who want to make it and keep moving forward.


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