Virginity: Is It Truely The Thing of The Past?

Everything seemed just like yesterday when our forefathers took virginity as the most important thing in the world. Gone are the days, when a 24 year old virgin still lives with her parents while waiting for her Mr. Right. We ask ourselves, what problem does Nigeria have? Well, this is one of it. So many children without fathers are left to roam the streets. Their mothers are either away or nowhere to be found. Sexual activities are now been done openly in cars, offices, lecture rooms, bathrooms among others.

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Each time you walk on the streets, you begin to ask yourself, is this lady a virgin? But then what is your business? Most girls don’t even know the importance of being a virgin. They are not to be blamed; their parents were not able to perform their responsibilities well enough. The topic virginity has been left abandoned. Rape has become the order of the day. All thanks to those stupid and foolish men who couldn’t control what is in between their legs.

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Listening to radio stations, a very popular question been asked is, Can you marry a girl who is not a virgin? Most of the guys, whom are demonic in nature would keep calling in, airing their views and saying all sorts on air. The females are the centre of concentration when the topic comes up. Most tend to quickly forget men are the problem. Girls are losing their virginity at 16, 17, and 18 every day, every hour and every minute. The westerners have succeeded in making us like them. We are in a society whereby sex is used to express your love for someone, isn’t that funny?  A lot of ladies would still agree to this.

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Virginity is regarded has a thing of the past by some while some still believes there are still some ladies to be called a virgin. Our so called celebrities are not helping matters. The likes of wizkid, davido, and Tubaba A.k.a 2face Idibia has helped in damaging the society. Impregnating young girls who end up being called baby mamas has been a norm for this set of people. Well it’s not their fault. The society keeps celebrating them. Our culture and values has gone into extinction. In just few years to come, there would be no virgins on planet earth.

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