Top Reasons Why Your Girl Will Cheat On You

Any top reasons why your girl will cheat on you? My friend, Bayo, had a girlfriend, Lara. Their meeting is what I would refer to as Destiny. They both loved each other.  All the girls in her clique wanted very tall guys who had cash and the world on their hands. Lara wanted same according to what bayo told us but then I guess he was just different. Their love was like that of a hen and her chicks. They were always together.

It was a sunny afternoon; we all went to a bar in bayo’s car. We sat at a corner gisting, playing cards and screening pretty damsels our eyes were able to catch a glimpse of. Suddenly, we saw some pretty set of girls we had never seen at the bar. Immediately, we challenged bayo who was not fond of walking up to girls for a chat to talk to anyone of the 4 girls. I will never do that, he said. To our utmost surprise, we saw him all talking and laughing with one of the girls, and the rest was history.

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I learnt quite a few lessons from bayo’s breakup with his girlfriend which I will be sharing. And Yeah! Lara cheated on him but it wasn’t her fault.

Be Romantic: The guys who fall into this category are those who use more than half of their day reading, the book lovers. Bayo was a bookworm; he was smarter than we his friends. He could walk up to any kind of girl and collect her digits. Bayo was not romantic and this really affected his relationship with Lara.

He loved Lara but then he was not showing it. Bayo often said each time they were together, he was either reading a book or he was just playing with his phone, nothing to talk about. If you are not romantic as a guy, your girl is going to cheat on you with other guys that are.

Honesty: This was one of the reasons why bimbo broke up with john, the funniest of us all. John was a cool and funny being but he just loved to tell a lie. If he does not tell different lies in a day, he would fall sick. Bimbo found out in a very embarrassing way. So, we were all at the mall, and then she called and asked bayo where he was and that his attention was urgently needed. Bayo replied saying he was at his mom’s helping her out. As we were about to leave the mall, we saw bimbo and her friends entering the mall and the rest was history.

Two weeks later, Bayo came home crying, saying bimbo cheated on him. Yeah! He loved bimbo but he was just fond of telling her lies. He had caught bimbo hugging and kissing a guy she claimed was just a friend. Maybe the guy was more honest than he was, we told him. Ladies get pissed off at guys that tell lies a lot. It always disastrous when they end up discovering you are a terrible liar.

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Flirting: Do you really expect your girl not to cheat on you, while you are out there flirting? C’mon are you for real? We all have that friend who has a girl he loves so deeply but flirting is just in his blood. He just loves to flirt. During my little research, I discovered handsome guys flirt more, although some ugly guys still do.

There was a time mark, a colleague of mine, who we all know loves to flirt around with different girls, came weeping bitterly, saying he caught his girl red-handed last night with another guy. Virtually everyone who knew both of them together saw the love and affection bimbo had for mark. It was just unexplainable and true. The honest truth is girls don’t like flirts. If you are a flirt and she hasn’t broken up yet, maybe she is cheating on you already—waiting for the right time to tell you “It’s over”.

Close-fistedness: I don’t need to talk much on this. If you fall in this category of people, even your mum will hate you. There are so many guys out there who cannot buy a sweet for their girl. On her birthdays, they are fond of wishing her just a “happy birthday”. He loves collecting but does not love to give. He keeps professing his love day and night. Each time his girl brings it up; he gets furious and says love supersedes all things. Do you really think you girl wont cheat on you? Ladies don’t like stingy guys. Well, we have some stubborn ones who still believe they would change.

If you know deep down you are tightfisted, change before she cheats on you.

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Pride: Guys who fall in this category are always full of themselves some of whom who are nobody. Most people think it’s only those that are financially stable that are proud. Let me quickly break it to you, those who are not financially stable are also proud. They find it difficult to say sorry even when they are at fault. In a relationship where a guy is too proud, the lady will find herself apologizing even when she is not at fault.

At a point, they begin to feel they are forcing themselves on you. Your girl is going to cheat on you with another guy who does not have that bad character of yours. In most breakups, I discovered pride is one of the main reasons why relationships fail. The guy who is at fault doesn’t want to apologize, and the lady is so tired of apologizing. If you fall in this category, it’s high time you change. After pride, comes a fall. Pride kills.