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6 Tips To Becoming A Successful Blogger

Knowing and implementing this blogging tips would really help your blogging career a lot. You might have read an article close to this, but are you really implementing it? If you know about blogs then you have probably noticed that some blogs get more traffic while others don’t. Why does this happen? Do you have any idea? Experts say that all these variations are because of the varied marketing strategies. It has been rightly said that some strategies are more effective than the others. If you really want to be a successful blogger, this article is for you.

1. Blog frequently: Post new articles every day to ensure your blog readers do not get bored by the same kind of write-ups. For example, if you are blogging on health, you might want to write and post about fruits today and post about foods the next day. Posting about fruit every day would make your readers get bored.

Google also makes it a point to rank the site high if you post frequently. You would be building an authority for your blog by so doing this. The more regular you are in posting new and interesting articles the more traffic you are likely to get. Posting one good quality content a month is not enough. Frequency is an important issue along with the quality of the content. Out of the six blogging tips listed, this is the most important of all.

2. Your blog should be user-friendly: Each time I do a Google search and I find myself on some blog not properly designed or structured. I don’t spend 15 sec before am out. You would really find it difficult to get visitors on your blog, not because of your contents but because it’s not user-friendly. The best strategy is to make your blog beautiful, well-structured and user-friendly so as to make people return to read another article. Your readers would happily subscribe to your mailing list and share your articles if your blog is well

3. Make sure your blog is unique: If your blog is new and fresh then it will be noticed by Google algorithm. They will also discover if your blog contents were copied from another blog. You won’t rank high if you do copy and paste on your blog. Creating unique contents every day will give you a good ranking on Google. There are numerous blogs on the internet so it is quite challenging for a newbie or established bloggers to infuse new topics on their blog. It takes a lot of creativity. Distinguishing yourself from other blogs is very important!

4. Streamline the topic of discussion: Bring variations in the articles you post. This may help you to yield more traffic. If the contents are streamlined they are likely to get more visitors. You can go technical to deal with all relevant topics.

5. Offer Value to Visitors: A reader should have reasons to read your blog. If you offer value to them they will keep visiting the website more frequently.

6. Make Videos: A lot has failed to understand videos drive so much traffic to blogs when it is been used wisely. You can also make tons of money making videos for your blog and posting on YouTube and other social media apps.


Apart from YouTube, there are other social media apps which are video based with a lot of viewers and subscribers. If you don’t have a camera, you might want to get a phone with a good camera. You won’t regret doing this. Make sure the video has a very good quality.

We hope that when you implement these blogging tips you will surely find success for your blog. This blogging tips might appear simple but they are very effective.