This Week’s Funny Memes

Memes are meant to put smiles on faces, which is why it was created. Below are this weeks’ funny memes. If you don’t laugh then you have a big problem.

When you are not ready to be a father: Most guys want to have sex but not all are ready to father a child yet because of responsibilities, lol.  That moment when “kongi” hits you and she gives you free passage. You were enjoying the sex not paying attention to that milky substance that can turn to a baby and after it was about to be deposited you withdraw. Upon withdrawal, you discovered that it actually dropped. Please if you are a guy and you don’t want a son yet, don’t use the withdrawal method. Devil will tell you to go ahead. Please don’t.



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Misunderstanding People: OK!!! Someone comes to your house and tells you he wants to use the toilet. You show him to the toilet and the whole place begins to smell. You have no reason to be pissed. Or someone tells you that he works at the bank and you discover he works as the cleaner; he actually told the truth, didn’t he?



Snap chat meme: Most girls spend their entire day on snap chat, wasteful isn’t it? The person you think lives at Ikeja when you check her snap chat, she would be reporting from banana island. You know someone that takes garri a lot, visit snap chat you would see her eating pizza. This is very common among the ladies.



The Make-up meme: This is one of the most fraudulent activities on earth. A black lady becomes fair all of a sudden. Most ladies out there don’t go out with their real faces. Most of what you see is artificial not natural. Don’t fall for it.

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The phone call meme: Nigerians are very scared set of people; they are not to be blamed though. It’s all as a result of those of who have turned into money receiving a call from an unknown number. Nobody just wants to die just yet. If at all anyone picks a call from an unknown number, a sound won’t be made until the caller starts a conversation.


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