Tagbo and DJ Olu’s Death: The Real Story

Tagbo Umeike popularly called as “tb” was among the Obohkn crew before his death. According to Asa Asika, who is davido’s manager and the owner of shisha lounge bar tagbo went to a day before he died, he said, “tb” died on the 2nd of october, 2017.

During investigation by hnnafrica, it was reported that “tb” went to meet up popular nigerian artiste, davido and the rest of the crew who arrived later at a shisha lounge bar. After the death of tb, the footage recovered showed him partying with dammy krane, elejo and others. On the 3rd of october was going to be tb’s birthday.

After a round of drinks, the crew decided to go with davido to a beach in lagos popularly known as the oniru beach where an event was taking place. At the cctv of the footage recovered in the car park, tagbo was  seen staggering while leaving with davido.

At a point, davido and some other men were attempting to get tagbo into davido’s vehicle. Tagbo was seemed to be resisting and so they took him to his car, however there is no evidence that shows he was taken to his car. The footage recovered further showed two cars (a mercedes Benz and a lexus) allegedly belonging to davido driving out of the car park at 12:29a.m.

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According to a staff at general hospital, broad street, lagos island and hospital footagewhich has been recovered by the police, two men with face caps came into the hospital reception at about 5:40a.m to seek medical attention for someone they had ijn the car,.

They were told to register the person. They were also told to provide a means of identification for the person, which they went back to the vehicle to produce. The identification produced was that of tagbo umeike. During the period, a nurse went with the boys to get tagbo.

On getting to the vehicle where he was laid on the back seat, the nurse suspected he was already dead and called for a doctor who confirmed this. Following the declaration, the two men were obviously distraught. Therefore, in a bid to get contact details from the men they made excuses and disappeared.

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It is still unclear who tb left the lounge with and the men who dropped tb are. It is yet to be determined what happened between the hours of 12:28a.m when they left the shisha lounge and 5:40am on the 3rd of october, 2017. when he was brought to the hospital.

The IGP and the lagos state commissioner of police are said to be fully involved in the case. Davido and some other men including asa have been interrogated by the police. An autopsy has been scheduled for today while investigations are still on-going but the question remain: what really happened to the umeike?

Just few days after tagbo’s death, another member on davido’s crew suddenly ends up dead. Isnt there something fishy? Who is dieing next?

Reports coming from: @hnnafrica



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