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5 Cogent Reasons why you should start an Online Business

Why should I start an online business? This is one of the most asked questions by individuals who are tired of their 9-5 job. Those who are have discovered the massive benefits involved in an online business are also not left out. To start an online business requires so many things, of which some are commitment and hard-work. Starting an online business is a risk worth taking. There is no restriction on the amount of money you can make when you start an online business.

What is an online business? An online business is when you offer products and services to clients without having to meet them physically for any form of communication. This can be done from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. It all looks easy, right? Don’t be deceived; running an online business is very tedious and challenging. You are going to really work your ass off. The fact that you are your own boss and the amount of money you can make is not limited should be what bring you joy and be a motivating factor. Running an online business is very profitable. Online business ranges from being a vlogger, blogger, providing freelancing services, running an online store, bulk sms among others. Keep reading as you would be informed on why you should start an online business. If you are not informed you would be deformed.

Your pay: There is no restriction on the amount of money you can make in an online business, all that depends on you and the effort you put into your business. As an internet entrepreneur, you are, you would also be receiving a salary for your business every month. Who is an Internet entrepreneur? An internet entrepreneur is someone that earns a living through the internet. Running an online business in Nigeria requires you to use the internet. The salary you receive depends greatly on how much work you have done and time you have inputted. This is better compared to your 9-5 job whom after working your ass off would still receive peanuts. Your employer is going to use the hell out of you to build his dreams.

In some companies in Nigeria, being absent from work for a day attracts a deduction of a fee from your monthly salary which is not even enough for you. You can be receiving the same salary you have been collecting for more than 6 years. It is the reverse in the case of an online business. With hard work and commitment, you can make as much as you want when you start an online business. If you look around, you would always see that friend of yours or one of your relatives who still collects the same money he collects 6 years ago and you would wonder why he hasn’t quit. The main reason for this would be discussed in the last paragraph.

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Job Security: The fact that you are your own boss gives you a job security. You can wake up unemployed in your 9-5 job. Career advisers would advise you to pick job security over anything when looking for a job. Due to the rate at which Nigerians are desperate for a job, they forget to look at this when applying for a job. Is the job secure? This is what job seekers should ask themselves but then 95% of Job seekers don’t even care, they just want to get a job.

Family and friends: This category or set of people have really made an impact in your life one way or the other and you need to create time for them to listen to their cries and success stories as it would mean a lot to them. A 9-5 job would not allow you have time for this set this of people. How will you have time for people when you barely have time for yourself? Assignments would keep you in the office even after working hours is over. Being an internet entrepreneur is also very tedious and challenging but the decision of not giving time to special people in your life is yours. It is not decided by a boss as compared to a 9-5 job. You can decide to go on a long vacation as an online business owner or take some time to be with family and friends. All work and no play they say makes jack a dull boy. Try discussing with some of your employed uncles and ask them about their jobs. If they had the opportunity to quit, would they?

Comfort Zone: In a 9-5 job, your office can be located in a small cubicle which you share with some of your colleagues. You are mostly on your chair working your ass off for hours. Most 9-5 jobs are not done at comfort zones because most employers don’t really care about your comfort, they just want the job done. As an internet entrepreneur, your comfort zone is important to you and so, you try to make your working area as comfortable as possible. Try to get yourself a job that would make you comfortable at least. Your comfort zone is very important but then who cares when you personally just want to get yourself a job that would pay your bills.

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After you hear the cries of employees, you wonder why they cant right? The answer to your question or thoughts is simply not everybody is good at taking risks and so they settle for anything that can pay their bills. Running an online business in Nigeria is a big risk worth taking though. You might not be really making from what you are doing but you would surely make a breakthrough someday. Some people are not business oriented and so they settle for anything that comes their way. Running a business itself is a risk. Business owners are described as people who take a calculated risk. Getting a job is not bad but getting yourself a GOOD JOB is what matters a lot.



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