Poverty: Nigeria Greatest Enemy

In truism, Nigeria is regarded globally as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and this is due to the fact that a sizeable and measurable amount of criminals and criminality itself dominate Nigeria. Researchers from various angles tend to identify the causative agent of criminality in Nigeria and they found one notable element which is POVERTY. Poverty is a serious menace facing Nigeria as a nation and it is very detrimental to the development of Nigeria in the sense that it has created different criminal and mischievous acts.

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In the word of Aristotle “POVERTY is the mother of revolution and crime” when you talk of crime act like rituals, murder, rape, public fund embezzlement amongst others, POVERTY generated all of these, the “how and why” analysis will be considered in this text extensively. Firstly, why poverty? why are we poor in Nigeria, Is it because we are black or because we are not that civilized or our mischievous deeds caused us to be poor, or the other way round, our fore father’s mischievous deeds caused us to be poor. Looking at it from the religious perspective, It is well documented in the Holy Quran that two reasons might cause us to be poor and these reasons I put under two different headings, which are as follows;

poverty in nigeria

Poverty is Natural or Divine: Of course, poverty is divine or natural in the sense that God might use this as a test to examine individual’s level of faith, and in this regard, it does not matter if you are well economically oriented that you can manage efficiently your available resources or not. We have seen many that can’t read nor write not to talk of being economically exposed and are living up to their expectations. They are not as poor as their level of economic study exposure, and we have also seen those that are sound economist that will set up a business and everything will get ruined and bankrupted, so in this wise it does not matter whether you are intelligent or not, it is just natural and can only be explained by the creator of everyone. Allah noted that “We shall test you with some ominous events like poverty, death, hunger and so on”.

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Poverty is Self-inflicted – From this angle, we can say poverty is caused and determined by individuals, that is if you want to make yourself poor you can do and vice versa by not managing your resources efficiently or the other way round. With this also we can say America as a country is rich because she is able to manage her resources efficiently and Nigeria is poor because she is not able to manage her resources efficiently.

Allah also noted in this that “Whatever bad circumstances you find yourself you inflicted it on yourself” Gathering the two points we could say Nigeria is poor because it is natural and also self-inflicted, and due to this a sizeable amount, Nigerians are poor and cannot live a comfortable life. Our leaders inflicted this on us by mismanaging the economy and not utilizing the resources God has blessed us with judiciously. In terms of resources, Nigeria is far better than South Africa, even America, we are blessed with rich natural resources like coal, timber, crude oil which is backbone of this century but we are still poor because we are unable to manage these resources efficiently, and because of our poor condition we tend to become criminals because we have no choice than to steal, kill to be rich, engage in rituals using human parts, embezzle public fund, engage in fraudulent among others, all in the name of becoming rich, as a quote rightly says “Nobody wan carry last”.

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Imagine a person who is not capable of taking two square meal daily not to talk of three and had been looking for job but got none, and a person told him to look for human organ before getting rich instantly, or go to rob a fellow colleague, or embezzle public fund or engage in fraudulent activities ‘which are all criminal acts and punishable under the law of the land’, do you think the person will engage in those evil act or remain in POVERTY?, ask yourself and put yourself in that person’s shoes, what will you have done if it were you.

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So it is not that we are all criminals naturally in Nigeria but poverty triggered us to be, as Aristotle noted that “In every life situation something is always directed to cause another”. It is on this platform I urge the government of Nigeria to please do something drastic to our poverty level in Nigeria, people are dying of hunger while the government officials keep enjoying and do not even think of food, I think they don’t know what it means to be a leader. A leader is just like the slave of his community as Muhammad S.A.W noted, but here in Nigeria, the reverse is always the case, the leaders are the ones enjoying while the followers keep suffering.

Compiled and Written by,

Abdul-Ganiy Abdullah O,

Director of Social World.