Is Polygamy Really Bad?

What Is Your Take On Polygamy?

Polygamy has been the center for discussion for so many in this part of Africa. This topic has both been approved and disapproved of by so many. Before I proceed with this article, I would like to clearly state that am neither supporting nor going against polygamy in this article.

Polygamy is that arrangement that allows a man to marry more than one wife. Till date, I ask myself “How did HIV/AIDS come into existence?” I guess we all know the answer to that. We shouldn’t close our eyes to the fact that both monogamy and polygamy has advantages and disadvantages.

This takes me back to the story of two families residing here in Nigeria. The Ajani’s family and the Bakares were my neighbors whose household were the opposite of each other. I haven’t seen a woman has devilish and mischievous as Ajani’s second wife till date. It always baffles me each time I see how cordially everyone relates in the household of Bakare.

Bakare is a doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Lagos with two wives and 7 children while the latter is a businessman with 2 wives and 5 children. Every second, every minute, day and night, we hear screams evolving from the house of Ajani and I keep asking myself, What has this man brought upon himself? If you are looking for where Trouble sleeps and eat, Ajani’s house is the place. The children keep fighting among themselves each time Ajani is not around. Fighting has become the sport the house partakes in.

I am still wondering how Bakare was able to make peace in his house. Words can’t explain the relationship that exists among the members of the family? It took me two months to discover my neighbor married two wives. I thought the two wives were blood sisters. This is a very rare, I said to myself.

A few month back, while reading a journal, it was clearly revealed that the number of marriable females is always higher than the marriable men. It was discovered recently in a Nigerian newspaper, that a popular Nigerian Actress has experienced a crash in her marriage solely because she heard her husband was having an affair with his secretary.

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