Politicians: Nigeria Biggest Problem

A leader “Umar bn Khattab” was reported to have always starved himself except he has gone round and find out that everyone in the community are satisfied with their feedings. Are our leaders like that in Nigeria? Anybody elected will always think of going there to embezzle public funds. Funds meant for a whole community will be kept in the house of a single individual and we keep blaming God for this. Poverty in the case of Nigeria is self inflicted we caused it ourselves by mismanaging the resources granted to us by God.

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Nigeria has a lot of natural resources in which some countries who do not have this resources are living better than Nigerians. All this is as a result of bad leaders. Nigeria senators are the highest paid senators in the world. The masses are suffering while some leaders are getting fat and different allowances forgetting that they will die one day.

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Conclusively, A very drastic something should be done to make the poverty level in the country to get minimized to the bearest level, because we do not just engage in crimes, it is simply because we are poor, when everyone is comfortable who will think of stealing another person’s property or embezzling public funds or killing to get rich, so it is not over until it is over. I think an amendment could still be made, and if care is not taken the crime rate in Nigeria continues to get high and this is because we are all poor.

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Abdul-ganiy Abdullah O

Director Social World.