“We Sold Each Head For N50,000 Only” – Policemen

Due to the current situation in the country, some policemen have decided to find another source of income.

According to reports, some policemen on night duty were reported to have caught some set of guys at night in ilorin, kwara state. After which they sold it each head for N50,000 only. This happened around adewole estate division of the Nigerian police.

“some patrol officers used to randomly arrest guys and take them for questioning in pretence of rooting out yahoo guys. It was on oct 1st, some officers(names with-held) arrested a guy along garin alimi and was taken him to the station when he immediately called his elder brother who happens to be an army officer. The next morning, his brother went to the police station to bail out his brother, unfortunately he was not there. They called all other surrounding stations including the headquarters but they all reported no one fitting the description was brought in.” an anonymous source disclosed.

“As at midnight the patrol officers on duty reported back to the station and the army guy with the help of his colleague apprehended and tortured them. They confessed to have trully arrested the guy and sold him alongside others to ritualists.”, he concluded.

However, upon getting to the point of sale, the said guy was said to have been killed but others were found there, awaiting death.

Important Information: Beware of illegal arrests because it is happening everywhere especially in ilorin, kwara state.



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