Places Your Car Should Never Break Down In Lagos

It really sounds very funny how a car you bought “foreign used” suddenly develops a fault on a day you happen to be rushing to a very important place. You would be so embarrassed and annoyed. Every morning when you wake up, always pray to GOD never to allow your car break down in places, about to be mentioned places.

Ikeja: one of the places your car should never break down is Ikeja. Ikeja is where both the governor’s house and office is located. And so, there are different security officials left and right. It would be better to make a hard face and be smart when your car breaks down. Immediately your car breaks down, before you know it, hungry looking officials would appear and want to tow away your vehicle away. Please don’t let them do it. If your car gets towed away just know you would be paying greatly for the towing. Just so you know, they love to tow away beautiful and good looking vehicle.

Oshodi: Who doesn’t know Oshodi? If you are a newcomer in Lagos and you miss your road, just head to Oshodi and call whoever you came to see that you are already in Oshodi. This is popular known as the home of thieves and street boys. If your car breaks down here, you are doomed. My both hands are always in my pocket anytime i find myself in Oshodi. Quickly wind up your windows and leave the driver’s side down a little bit and keep all valuables safe. Just so you should know, you would be seeing about 15 street boys asking “oga kiloshele si motor yin (what happen to your car?)” when you have a break down there. Tell them to help you push your car to a safe place and pay them off when they are done.

Apapa Bridge: There is no day or time there wouldn’t be traffic on this bridge. This is as a result of the number of trucks plying this route on a daily basis because of the apapa port. You know what will happen when your car breaks down right? Your car might not be located by any mechanic you call because you are surrounded by big trucks. Double wahala (problem) when you have a short mechanic. Make sure you stay far away from trucks if you drive a sick car.

Lekki – Ajah: This is one of the places where your car should never break down in Lagos. You would surely look for a mechanic around if yours stay far away from there. You might want to look for a nearby ATM before getting a mechanic. The mechanics in that part of lagos have “expensive” in their middle name. People consider anyone plying this route as rich. Whether you drive the latest car or an old version, you are still considered as rich. Everything there is expensive. The worst of it all is, you would see big cars speeding of, and if you happen to use a sick car, you would keep questioning GOD on why he didn’t do this and that. Even if you drive an expensive car, you would call it fake after seeing the same model 5 times speeding off.  Your car should not break down along this route. Make sure it doesn’t.

Third Mainland Bridge: OMG, this is the 3rd longest bridge in Africa. Driving on the bridge is scary not to talk of your car developing a sudden fault on the bridge. Where do you want to see mechanic, unless GOD sends you an angel. Everywhere is surrounded by water and so you have to call your mechanic or call a number to come and tow away your vehicle. You are stuck till your mechanic comes.

Lagos is highly populated and so facing traffic is a norm. You don’t want your car fucking you up in traffic. Ordinarily there is traffic and when your car breaks down, it will cause more traffic. You would receive a million rants from angry and frustrated drivers. Some of which are “Oga, you know check your car before you leave house?”, “oga go sell this car oh”. Lagosians aiint got no chills. If your mechanic stays far away, you just have to stay put in the car till he arrives. You don’t want different faces looking at you, do you?      

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