Open Letter To Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi

Words cannot express how happy i am for the both about to wed couples, Adesuwa Etomi and Bankole Wellington (Banky W). After the news broke about the duo being in love with each other and all set to get married, my joy knew no bounds. Finally, Bankole wellington popular known as Banky W has been taken of the market by his soul mate, adesuwa (Susu). The news was all over social media and you will begin to wonder why Nigerians were really happy to the extent of celebrating among themselves. Owners of clubs and beer parlours were given out free drinks; people selling goods and rendering services were also giving discounts. Amidst the economic situation facing the country, it’s been a while Nigerians have shined their teeth to laugh. It was as if Nigerians were waiting for the lucky lady who will steal the heart of Banky W. Their story is a movie turned into a reality. Both couples are superstars in one of the best movies ever produced by Nollywood, “The Wedding Party”.

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At the same time, some people were not feeling all okay about the duo being together. Before you begin to think they are enemies of progress, we all know what has been going on with celebrity marriages. It ends up crashing like a Dana Airplane. But couples are really looking very good together. Only God knows what actually transpired between the two. There is something special Banky saw in Susu that made him decided to sign a lifetime contract. This is a must read letter for Banky and Susu if they ever want to live happily with each other.

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“Dear Soul mates,

You two shouldn’t let your pride and ego come in between the love you have for each other. You don’t want to be allowing your names to be on over a million blogs in Nigeria about your breakup, do you? Pride will make it impossible for you to say sorry when you are or not at fault. A simple sorry from the bottom of your heart will end a fight. It is very normal for the both of you to fight. The ability for the both of you to settle it amicably without bringing a third party is what you two need to learn how to do.

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To Banky, Never raise your hand to hit adesuwa (susu). Each time you are about to, remember, you love her wholeheartedly and the promises you have made to her. Believe it or not, Susu is going to disagree with you on some issues, she is going to be at loggerheads with you for one reason or the other. You must remain the gentle man you are. Don’t be like those men that want to show their wives how powerful they are by throwing some punches and dashing out some slaps.

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The moment you join the gang, know within yourself you are already losing her and your home is about to be broken if care is not taken. Keep telling her and showing her you love her. Don’t take advices from your friends, families when it comes to your relationship. Don’t complain to your parents about Adesuwa. You can send signalsng a message and you are sure to get a good advice. However, there is that friend or brother you know will never mislead you. You can always talk to him. You can take this piece with levity but it’s the little things we show lackadaisical attitude to that breaks marriages.

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You have signed a life contract with Susu already. Your lifestyle has to change and its time you drop the way you lived when you were still a bachelor. You should be dedicating more of your time to her now as she would need it. Ladies love attention and the moment you begin to give more attention to work than her, trouble sets in. You are now a married man, lowering your gaze is what should cultivate the habit of doing.

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To Susu, some friends are not happy with the fact you are with banky. Some are already plotting for ways you two are going to break up. That is how wicked people are. Life itself is complicated. If you need any advices ask banky. Banky is the “olori” (head) of the house. If he tells you not to take a role in a movie, please don’t, no matter the amount involved. He should give reasons why you shouldn’t partake in a movie if you don’t see anything wrong in it. Your marriage is very important to you.

Unhappy with some things he does? Call him and tell him what the problem is. Don’t swallow up stuffs and say it’s all good. A lot of ladies do this and end up regretting such. The moment they begin to pour what’s really paining them deep down, it has already caused an internal injury, they get fed up and what comes next? A break up! You don’t want that, do you?

Make his favorite meal. The way to your man’s heart is through his “tummy” (stomach). Make him laugh as this will always make him want to be with you. Don’t entertain any dull moment. Don’t hold grudges with him for too long. You are facing issues and you have no one to run to? Run to signalsng and you would get good advices.

You both should settle any differences you have. Remember, you were raised differently. You are both from different backgrounds. A fight is always going to occur and as a lady you must learn to control your tongue. There is a limit to what every man can tolerate. When you go beyond that, there are only two things involved, either you get punched and slapped or he walks out angrily and you go Scott-free”.

I wish you both successes in your marriage. More blessings and stay blessed.