on becoming by toke makinwa

Life Lessons to Learn from On Becoming By Toke Makinwa

On Becoming by Toke Makinwa is a book written by a popular online air presenter (OAP) who had a break-up in her marriage years back. In her book she said, the breakup gave her life a new meaning. On becoming by toke Makinwa is one of the most controversial books ever produced by a Nigerian celebrity. The launch of the book raised many questions among her fans and also people in the entertainment industry.

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The book talks about the story of a girl who lost her parents at a very little age ending up staying with one of her aunts. Unfortunately, this fragile little girl met a promiscuous man who made her went through a lot. Because of the love, she claimed to have for him, she closed her eyes and ears at every negative thing she saw and heard about him. Both lovebirds ended up getting married thinking their relationship problems would be solved. But No, it got worse, arguments became a regular activity in their home. To end it all they break up after so many years of marriage.

As we all know it, as humans we keep learning every day. We either learn from people’s mistakes, books or mistakes made by us.  Are you ready to learn? I guess you know what to do.

Life lessons to be learned from On Becoming by Toke Makinwa;

Don’t be stupid: One of the worst mistakes females make is to be blinded by love when they fall in love. Toke Makinwa made this mistake and so did many others. The earlier you realize this mistake, the better. You would be seeing signs and reasons why your relationship won’t work; turning deaf ears and closing your eyes will lead to a disaster.

A letter came in recently and it goes thus;

“Hello Signalsng,

I am currently facing some issues in my relationship. My boyfriend cheats on me and each time I confront him, I always get slapped for it. I really love him and he knows it. I have threatened him once that if he continued, I would break up with him. I have done all I could, but it seems he doesn’t care. He keeps professing his love to me when we are together. I am confused; I don’t know what to do. Please give me a good advice.”

The only solution is to leave the relationship if this continues to happen. Do you really think you deserve what you are going through? The ball is in your court…

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Time: You have seen so many people who love each other break-up, and you are wondering what really wrong—well, one of the many reasons people break up is they neither have time for each other or the relationship. Creating time for each other is a must. As a lady, you have to make your relationship work. Your boyfriend isn’t going to mess around or leave you for another bitch if you don’t give him any reason to. Although some guys are demonic in nature and as a female, you have a big role to play in a relationship for it to work.

If you rush into doing anything, you will rush out. Keep it slow and steady. Be sure of something before going into it. At first, toke Makinwa wasn’t really sure who Maje was before she zoomed into the relationship which later resulted in marriage. Follow the popular saying which says, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Patience functions as a salt in every relationship same as it is an attribute of every higher animal should have.

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