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Where is Nigeria Heading To?(A Must Read)

The continuous irritative and provocative drastic change in Nigeria could only be solved if there is an understanding of what constitutes the problem we are facing presently and tackling it through the intervention of various scholars who are vast in the socio- political- economic make up of the society and not appointing those who are not capable, illiterates, and have no experience about the nature and dynamics of the social milieu we find ourselves as leaders–and this is the only way we can make it in Nigeria.

Moreover the purpose of establishing universities and educational institutions has been taken for granted and forgotten, to remind the government officials, Schools are premised on the basis of solving the problems faced in the society, where are the write-ups of the great professors of economics about Economic Recession and other valuable texts that suggests solutions to the problem faced by Nigerians, to be frank and candid they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, they are just written for writing sake, where are the scholastic project topics tackled by the great scholars, what is the result of the seminars and other lectures held in the various universities of Nigeria, the answer is they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

It is about time our so called public administrators woke up from slumber and access the future of Nigeria as a country because we don’t even know where we are going, and when the outcome of the misconduct done by the so called leaders arrive no one will be left out.

It is therefore on this platform I urge each and every one of us to serve as reminders of government officials about their duties because they took for granted what they supposed not to take for granted, It is better we change to better before Nigeria is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND in the African Continent Map.

Compiled and Written by,

Abdul-Ganiy Abdullah O,

Director of Social World.