Nigeria’s Biggest Online Fraudster- Hushpuppi

Following the release of living things by 9ice, popular online fraudster known as hushpuppi referred to musicians as hungry things who look for any means to make money. Some of the artiste in which he called out was Ice prince, phyno, among others who in turn roasted him on their various social media pages. Nigerians also took to their pages to join in the roasting by uploading and creating funny memes and hilarious pictures.

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Hushpuppi who is famous for uploading his expensive lifestyle on his instagram page was called a Gucci dog by one of his roasters. He was reported to have fought with davido after he called him a pauper comparing the amount he spent in a night club which was running into thousands of dollars. How can someone be a thief and still be proud of it?

Hushpuppi was called out to declare his source of income to Nigerians in which he failed to do. As it was proclaimed by some Nairalanders, yahoo yahoo guys defrauds white people off their money on social media and get it sent to them through various means. Nigerians react on twitter by going to the official EFCC handle to get him investigated. We know that’s impossible because they have no concrete evidence against him and the fraudster is based in Malaysia.

Little does he not know that there is a repercussion for any dubious thing one does. How long will he keep duping the gringos (white people). Many have failed to understand one can be successful without going through the illegal means. The biggest questions remains, what is the difference between politicians and yahoo yahoo boys? They both steal but in different ways, isn’t it? Thousands of Nigerians have resulted to duping people online to make a living following the inspiration from hushpuppi.



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