Nigerian Ladies Before And After Marriage

It is already a norm in the Nigerian marriage settings that when a lady is still in her early twenties, thirties she is to take good care of her body and look good for her husband. Your beauty and heart did the magic of getting him. Your beauty is said to have attracted him while your heart captivated him. A lot of Nigerian women feel there is no need to take good care of their body 5-10 years after their marriage. Even some won’t bother taking their bath in the house. They fail to understand they have to maintain their beauty and try as much as possible to always look good. Most often wonder why their hubby goes in search of young girls with thin legs.

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In most cases, your partner cheating on you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. You might have actually stopped doing some things you do when you both first met. The relationship now becomes so boring to the extent that there is no love and affection. Is it possible for two people who don’t love each other to sleep under the same roof? Yeah! It is very possible. It is funny when the young and beautiful medium-sized girl you married suddenly grows fat overnight. Did he marry you that way? Consuming all the food in the house and not partaking in any form of exercise has become a norm for you. Your size begins to increase until you lose your shape.

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You suddenly stopped those sexy cloths you wear while you both were dating. IRO (wrapper) and that grandma top you bought at the market has become your best cloth. To brush very early in the morning when you wake up becomes the most difficult thing for you to do on planet earth. Receiving early morning kiss from him becomes almost impossible because of that saint that your mouth produces. He finds it very difficult to tell you your mouth smells because if he does, you might lash out on him. Each time you both visit the mall together he looks at other young and tiny girls who are not better than you. Unfortunately you didn’t give him any choice, did you? While still in the dating zone, you hide most of your characters because you don’t want to give him any reason to go. You have forgotten if he truly loves you and can cope with your attitude he will stay. You end up staying in a relationship where love doesn’t really exist.