Nigeria Is In A Really Big Mess

The Africa’s Largest hasnt seized to amaze her citizens in her activities. The Nigerian currency however, doesnt seem to be shaking hands with dollar bill as promised by Mr President. Billions of dollars have been stolen by greedy politicians and hidden in soakaways, underground, empty buses at the cost of the masses.

The Nigerian Educational sector doesnt seem to be getting better anytime soon. There are no jobs for university graduates, No admission for those graduating from secondary schools, sexual violations between lecturers and their female students among others.

Linkedin has been my hub for connecting with people and sharing information. I read an article in which i would be sharing below.

Big Brother Africa – $300, 000 (N48m)

Big Brother Naija – 28m

Ultimate Search – 10m

Maltina Dance Hall – 10m

Project Fame – 7.5m + SUV

Nigerian Idol – 5m + Contracts

Glo Naija Sings – 5m + SUV

Then ;

CowBell Mathematics Competition- 100k

Lagos State Spelling Bee – N50k

CoolFm and Spelling Game – A goodie bag filled with amilla drink

University of Osun Best Graduating Student – Mug + Handshake.

I ask myself, “Why do so many people fail jamb and waec?” I am just beginning to see some of the reasons why people do. An artiste would come and sing a song with that has little or no meaning the next thing, he gets a call from Glo to become a brand ambassador. He signs a contract worth N70m in just few hours.

A time will come when no parents would say read your books and get good grades but read your lyrics, be creative and start selling something etc.

Everything all goes back to our bad leaders. Its high time Nigerians start finding solutions to their problems and stop blaming the Nigerian government.


Its only a matter of time there wouldnt be anyone going to school. Less i forget, going to school doesnt mean you are educated. 50% of Nigerians are educated illiterates. Thats a topic for another day.

God Bless Nigeria

God Bless Africa