Nigeria: Nigerians, Take Your Medicines And Stop Turning Deaf Ears

In the spirit of making Nigeria attain the highest level of development and driving it towards national efficiency in all ramifications. It is therefore important to see cooperation as our watchword, eschew tribal segregation and disregard any form of religious intolerance among ourselves. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic and religious nation, thus, it encompasses different tribes with different cultures, different religions with different beliefs, and different persons with different orientations and opinion. All these factors are drivers to conflict in any society, when the society operates a heterogeneous system there is high tendency that conflict erupts every now and then, but the only way this could be deterred and solved is by a key concept which is “Tolerance”. Furthermore, by adhering or cleaving to other people’s correction about our wrongs in the society, there will be a drastic reduction in conflictual relationship and when there is a minimum rate of conflict be it political, religious, ethnic, amongst others, we become united, and when unity is constant we can never be divided and our country moves forward In development.

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It is high time we see ourselves as one in Nigeria, not quite long ago America enacted a law that “let there be no difference between the Americans”, In other words, All Americans are one, thus there is no superiority inferiority complex between the Northern Americans and other parts of America. So far so good, with this law America has been able to move in a very fast pace to higher level of development. Today, The United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world in all ramifications. If Nigeria could also adopt this kind of policy, tribal segregation amongst others will be reduced to a nearest minimum, thus “Let there be no difference between Nigerians.

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Conflict (of any form) is a destructive agent to a country’s unity and progress, if it persists, it can turn a rich country to a poor one, a populated country to a scanty one, and a developed country to an underdeveloped one. Therefore, it is beneficial to disregard conflict in all ramifications by a substantial element, which is Tolerance. By tolerance, we tend to endure the disgusting things coming from others which is always constant, the level of bigotry in the society tends to reduce though it is part and parcel of human that we tend to see our own group as better than others, our opinions as relevant than others, therefore we are Ethno-centrists and Opinion-centrists, but by tolerance the mechanism of ethnocentric orientation in our thoughts tend to be reduced and a level of relativism in the aspect of culture, tribe, and religion is introduced.

The major problem facing Nigeria is coming from its inhabitants and occupants in the sense that we learn to be conservative in our thinking, we do not want to accept or entertain others opinions or views especially in the area of religion, culture and traditions, and individual orientations, and the only way this problem could be solved is by tolerating the views of others, what is bad is bad, there is no justification for it. Ethnocentrism is bad. The Christians should not see their dogmas as better than that of the traditional worshippers, the Igbos should equally not belief in any way that their cultural content or heritage is superior to that of the Hausas as we are all equal, don’t see the fault of other people’s tribe and culture, In fact it is well stated in the holy book (Quran) that ” Do not abuse the gods of those who are pagans, hence they abuse your own Lord”. Also there was a discussion between two of our past leaders in Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello and Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, Azikwe noted that we should forget our differences as Nigerians but Bello was against him and said we should learn to understand our differences, Both are still on the same direction and that is Tolerance among Nigerians.

Conclusively, Nigeria can only be progressive, forward if the idea of tolerance or toleration is observed duly and strictly in all courses of our endeavor, more so, Every Nigerian should take his or her medicine and stop turning deaf hear.

Compiled by
Abdulganiy Abdullah. O
Director, Social World

Source: Facebook