Reasons Why Lindaikeji Is Single And Not Married

A lot have been asked on why the popular Nigerian blogger and writer, Lindaikeji, is yet to get married. The one-time model was born on 19th September 1980 in Imo state, Nigeria. She started out as a blogger 11 years ago putting her career first before any other thing. This must have been a very difficult decision for her to make, or maybe one of her worst mistakes. Being with no man, having no children at her age is un-explainable.

Believe it or not, it’s not all about having all the money in the world, or having the liberty to whatever you like but one thing should always come first which is family. Most ladies have failed to understand this, therefore going about in pursuit of money, fame and wanting to be successful at all cost. Are there no successful women who are married? Talking about successful women in Nigeria, it would be so grotty if the likes of Joke Silva, Folunrusho Alakija, Mercy Johnson, Okonjo Iweala, Agbani Darego, and Sally Mbanefo are not mentioned. These people are successful because they were able to balance both their career and their love life. Have you ever wondered how a mom with 5 kids finished from one of the best universities in Nigeria and still living a very successful lifestyle? It is out of the Ordinary.

Below are reasons why the popular blogger and writer, Lindaikeji isn’t married yet;

  1. High Expectancy: Hey! Let me break this to you. Do you know as a lady, the higher you reach in life, the more you expect from your admirers? Many would not agree with me on this but I would ask a very simple question, can you get married to a man you are way richer than? Linda has reached this point in her life whereby, the good and humble men who walk up to her are not as rich as her or not richer than her. She mistakes the good guys for gold diggers and the bad guys for the good guys. So saddening, isn’t it?
  2. Pride: We all know there is a certain amount of money that can get one behaving like a God. For Lindaikeji, she might say she hasn’t seen the right person, the good guys are not coming, she hasn’t seen that special someone, for good 10years? The thing about most successful people like her is, they actually don’t see the need to have a guy by their side. They feel they can take care of themselves, yes they can, but there are times you would need a very good advice and your partner would be the best person to give you that. A lady with pride can only be due for marriage but never qualifies for marriage.
  3. Too Ambitious: It is just too difficult for ambitious women to have time for their partner. Their primary goal is to make money, travel the world and enjoy life. If you have ever come across one, this shouldn’t be new to you. Ambitious women don’t put family first, its business first. Is it Possible to drive two cars at the same time? As a woman, its either you make your family a priority or your career, you have to choose one. Right from the start Lindaikeji never puts family first. It was her career all along.

linda ikejiHowever, not making your career a priority doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. Knowing how to balance both is left to you. Women are very powerful beings and as such, those who don’t how powerful they are often wonder, how possible it is to cope with having children and still pursuing their dreams.

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