life and time

Life and Time | A Must Read

Life! We choose not the families we come through yet, with time; we are unwittingly inclined to leave families behind,

Life! We displease and we appease, we destroy and we create, we betray and we trust, we fail and we succeed, we hate and we love, we sin……..And we pray

What is life?

Some say life is time, and some say perhaps life’s twin is time.

Yes time! But Time was here before the world and the world was here before it

At times time pretends to be our friend yet it takes away our precious moments, our peers and our years; other times, time is our strongest ally, it heals our ills and it takes away our tears and our fears,

Time brings us life and life brings each one of us time,

With time, our paths merge in life and other times, Life merges our paths,

With time these paths fall in parts and these parts part our time….Yes! Our time together,

Time ensures that we hail from different backgrounds but Life ensures that we sail to the same destination,

For out of dust we came and unto dust we shall all return.

Therefore, let us listen to our inner beings like we do the deafening silence of the still-waters, and the indecipherable whisper of the winds,

Let us listen to the din that lays inaudible in the mind of that neighbour whose eyes scream the words: Pain is all I feel,

Let us, with kindness, rid the world of the evil left in our hearts,

Let us love people and use things and not use people and love things; for the only thing that cannot be eaten up by life and time is the good we do with life….. and time

Let us remember that all we have is one life and time is not on our side.