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Health: Most Ladies Lack Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene has been what a lot of ladies have thrown into the bin. I had a terrible encounter in a bus while heading home after the day’s work. Walking to the park has been one of the most tiring activities I undergo daily as it is a bit far from where I work. On getting to the park, I always go straight to Alfa Popcorn as I always call him to buy popcorn then proceed to board a “korope” (bus).

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On this very day, after getting popcorn from Alfa popcorn and boarded the korope. I was the only one in the bus with the driver who was patiently waiting for passengers shouting “tanke” at the top of his voice. The bus had a funny arrangement which was 2 people at the front beside the driver, 4 people at the back of driver which was the middle row and another 4 at the back which was the last row. The bus is just like those tiny buses they use in India. I pray to God every day to chase any fat person coming to seat near me; God answers my prayer most times though.

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The bus got filled up after waiting for about 15minutes. I was happy when a thin and down to earth yellow popo sister (yellow girl) was sitting near me making the seat more comfortable for me. Only if I knew what I would end up experiencing, I would have ran out of the bus like a madman. The driver started his bus and the journey began.


I was carefully eating my popcorn at the same time reading stuffs on when a devilish smell I didn’t understand entered my nose and mouth. I was furious and looked at everyone in the bus asking myself, “Who is the idiot that did not bath today?” I stopped eating my popcorn to observe where the smell was coming from.

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It took me 10 minutes to discover that it was the yellow sister sitting beside me that was producing the odour. Only God knew the last time she visited the bathroom or maybe she wasn’t taking her bath very well. She might be used to taking a shower, I thought. I was pissed so I told her to shift a bit, she protested, “were you wan make I shift go now?”(Where do you want me to shift to?). The odour that zoomed of her mouth was terrifying. She had just consumed beans I told myself.

I tied my popcorn and politely told her to shift again, this time she moved a bit raising her hand up in the process. Oh my God, It was like she had abandoned her armpit. The odour gave my face a dirty slap. I felt like vomiting. I didn’t know when I uttered “Personal Hygiene”. I kept putting my head on my laps several times to cover my nose. Worst of it all, the glass cannot be opened where I sat, which was at the back of the driver. I knew she understood why I was behaving like that in the bus. An elderly man with tribal marks on both cheeks like that of Ibadan people who was also sitting beside her kept saying in Yoruba “Ta ni owe ninu motor yi bayi?” (Who did not bath in this bus?).

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The driver replied, “Ode kan lo ma ma ruun beyen oh, baba ema minu, ema to dey bus-stop yin nisin” (It is one Mumu that will be smelling like that, baba don’t be angry, you would soon reach your bus-stop now). Our joy knew no bounds as the yellow sister alighted. The baba kept on insulting ladies, saying all sorts in the bus till he alighted. The appetite I had for the popcorn had gone. I kept asking myself why some ladies lack personal hygiene. It’s a day I would never forget.