Independence, The Purported Freedom Of A Dependent Nation.


A popular narration has it that a fool at 40 is a fool forever, today; 1-10-2017 shall mark another epochal epoch in the history of Nigeria. In this type of day in the year, Nigeria was granted her Independence after tireless efforts of the great nationalists. Indeed, the efforts of the likes of Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, and Azikwe are deeply rooted and not unconnected with the granted freedom to Nigerians. These great men under duress made it possible for us to be granted Independence, they meant well for this country, and they were jingoistic leaders who wanted their country (Nigeria) attain a lofty height in terms of development.

Today, public administrators shall organize a jamboree all because we are now independent for 57 years. Indeed, it has been 57 years of abject poverty, 57 years of underdevelopment, 57 years of unemployment, 57 years of deceit, 57 years of enslavement, 57 years of sorrow and agony. Shortly after Independence in 1960, Nigeria was made a republic in 1963, and ever since then our past leaders have been threading the path of the colonial masters in terms of goodness and kindness. Let me note pronto that while the colonists have their own brutal, savage and ferocious way of inflicting pains on and dealing with Nigerians, alongside, they have been able to progress Nigeria to an extent, and this is coming from an unbiased and objective orientation, i am good to conclude that the colonial masters were somewhat fairer in the treatment of Nigerians than our own fellow brethren in the administration of our beloved country.

Most public administrators will always hide under the pretext and guise of being colonized to justify the retarding condition of Nigeria, enough of these shenanigans and deceitful opinions America of all nations was colonized and it is difficult to believe and comprehend this, owing to the fact that the country has over the years developed beyond reasonable doubts. The fact that Nigeria was colonized does not really justify the woes and malediction she faces today. The reason is very clear, bad leaders and aimless politicians who can also be described as the cankerworms drove us and keep driving us to this pitiful condition.

The integrity of the present public administrators has been a key issue in the country in the recent years, after the demise of our loyal and committed fathers, dwarfs and kowtowers dominated the political system of Nigeria, though, there are lots of negative issues on the part of the juntas heading the military system of government. I can conclude common-sensically without bias that the system has been favorable and fairer than that of the recent civilian government in the administration and management of the country. 1999 which presumes the return of a civilian government was characterized by political instability, and the malaise still remains up till this present moment, the present set of public administrators in Nigeria have been spotted to be the brains behind the shameful condition we find ourselves in today.

These people are one big family characterized by satiating their own self interests without considering that of the nation. Indeed, the present day Nigeria is a mismatch of the past Nigeria owing to the fact that the past administrators are in all ramifications different from and also better than the rascals we have as leaders today.

In the past, Nigeria was known to be the holder of the revered title of the giant of Africa; unfortunately, this title is on life support on the part of Nigeria due to the practice of politics of bitterness characterized by kowtowism, nepotism, godfatherism and culture of blind submissiveness. In the 1960’s, Education was known to be free in Nigeria up to the tertiary level, the standard quality of education then can never be over-emphasized, citizens of neighbouring countries in Africa come down to Nigeria to study. Today, how many of them do we have?

Additionally, Nigeria was a provider of electricity supply to some other neighbouring countries, as they depend on Nigeria solely for power supply, today we still battle and tackle the problem of interrupted power supply where the likes of Ghana, South Africa, and Togo enjoy uninterrupted power supply. We still claim shamelessly the title of giant of Africa, when South Africa is dominated by mostly Nigerians for the purpose of employment opportunities. Are we really the giant of Africa? or otherwise.

This shame is not natural but rather self inflicted, we drove ourselves to this land of no return, and we gladly and happily celebrate the independent day when we are blatantly dependent on others to survive. We cannot make policies on our own except with the interference and intervention of some invisible external forces. We have been battling the terrorist group (Boko Haram) for long and we can still buoyantly call for external intervention to tackle this atomic menace. It is shameful of a country that claims to be independent like Nigeria, Nigeria will walk into oblivion if she decides not to associate with other countries, but I believe some other countries of its age bracket can do this and still survive to a meaningful point. The question is Are we truly Independent as purportedly claimed?, Nigeria is the country in which the richest man in Africa hails from but comically still tackles the problem of abject poverty and unemployment. Nigerians cannot do without travelling abroad all in the name and aim of securing jobs, we eventually dominated South Africa more than the sons of the soil all in the name of employment, Are we truly independent?.

The answer to the question of the Independent reality and actuality on the part of Nigeria is very straightforward, we are independent theoretically, but reverse is the case when pragmatic studies are carried out to affirm this claim and stance, we all rejoice even to the extent of giving public holiday for independence day while 70% of the citizens wallow in abject poverty. If one is being deceived, he shouldn’t deceive himself. With the current situation of Nigeria it appears that we are not ripe for independence, going back to the colonial days is just impossible.

It would have been better to have the colonial masters back, that the colonial masters will enslaved and enclave us is not the issue, after all we have been enslaved by our own brothers who are heartless. I believe the Whites and Europeans are somewhat instinctual than our so called kakistocratic leaders who will always inflict pain on us and give out trivial things on the days of election as a form of covert.

I think it is high time we the masses help ourselves if we have nobody to help us; the power lies with us in a democratic system. Let’s use it wisely and judiciously. Nigeria as a country is rich and blessed with massive and arable lands, natural resources such as crude oil, petroleum, cocoa, iron, steel and so on, but the major challenge so far has been corrupt political leaders, who will always satiate their own self interests and neglect developments of national concern, God bless Nigeria.

Abdul-Ganiy . Abdullah .O

Founder of Social World

Abdul-Ganiy Abdullah is a columnist for, he is also the Director of Social World.



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