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8 Ways To Make Money As A Student | A Must Read

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There are various ways you can make money as a student and live the life of comfortability. Finding ways to make ends meet while you are trying to still be academically stable is a great challenge. If you don’t want the word “broke” to be at the back of your names and don’t want to be dependent on anybody, this article is for you. Read On

Ways To Make Money As  A Student

Buying and Selling: You might want to look at buying products people are in dire need of and selling them at an affordable price. You don’t need to bother about the cost of getting a shop, store or an office space because you don’t need all that for now. You can have your whole products housed in your room. Technology has made the world a better place whereby you can put your goods online and sell.

There are so many online stores who would help you get buyers for your products and deliver them. You can make as much as $5000 every month or more depending on how much you have invested

Competitions: We are all good at doing something, discovering what you are really good at doing is very important. If you are a good writer, you should look out for writing competitions, essay competitions etc. Look out for competitions in your field of specialization and apply. There are always cash rewards and giveaways to winner and participants. I earned my first dollar in a writing competition which I came third. You might want to give this a try also.

Tutoring: You might want to apply to center’s in need of a tutor well grounded in your subject of study. You would be getting paid for what you have upstairs, isn’t that cool? You might as well want to start a small tutorial center for freshers at your free time. Make sure this doesn’t affect you academically.

Blogging: There are a million blogs on planet earth and each swipe in thousands of dollars every day. You have the liberty to blog about any topic that suits you. You get to apply for Google adsense which pays blogs to place advert on their site. Devoting 2-3 hours of your time to your blog would pay all your bills. You can promote your services through your blog. Individuals and companies in need of your services will want to hire you because you wouldn’t want to spoil the image of your blog by rendering bad services. Do you want to learn How to create a blog? Click here.

Affiliate Marketing: Earn commissions by promoting other people’s products. You can earn at the comfort of your home by just finding a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. I would advise you to think out of the box in this system. You can promote products through different mediums such as through your blog, YouTube videos, Facebook page etc. Check out 5 Affiliate Programs Make Money From.

Freelancing: You might want to start getting paid by doing what you have passion for at your spare time. You don’t read all the time, do you? Instead of playing games all time with your friends or gossiping with that silly friend of yours — why don’t you start building a future for yourself while you are still young and Smart. You can sign up as a freelancer on fiverr, upwork and other sites who offer freelancing services. Building a social media page and marketing yourself will help your brand. Volunteering to be a guest writer on popular blogs will send clients in dire need of your writing skills come knocking on your door. We have millions of people who make money  just by doing this alone at their comfort zone. The best time to start now!

Write and Publish Kindle EBook: I made $300 writing and publishing an eBook on Amazon. I devoted my time doing this and it was worth it. The stress of you marketing your eBook is eliminated as Amazon would help you do all that. Isn’t it cool making money while you are snoring? After rain, they say comes shine. You write a book, give it a good title, a good book cover and publish it on Amazon. You can make money doing this alone.

Vlogging: As a first timer, you might feel awkward making videos and sharing it. Making videos that provide solutions to other people’s problem is a great way to start. You make money from YouTube when you monetizing your videos. Being creative with your videos will always make people want to watch your video. The more people watch your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel, the more money you earn.

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