The Film-Tricks In The Nollywood Industry

Apparently, Nollywood movies are one of the most watched movies in the Nigerian household setting. Nollywood movies are well known for performing magic and doing the impossibilities. The industry is growing day by day but the way and manner filmmakers make films isn’t far different from the way they did back in the year 2000. However, due to the advancement in technology, some instruments employed for filmmaker have improved the quality of film produced.

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You are watching a Yoruba movie, the next thing you see is someone been shot but no traces of blood to make the film real for viewers. And if there are any traces of blood, it’s always in the wrong places. Someone who got shot in the head has blood all over his legs, how is that possible? Nollywood movies have been a center for laughter and comedy for most people. Each time a comedian is about to crack a joke, if he doesn’t involve how Nollywood makes movies, nobody is going to laugh. The likes of veteran actors like Patience Ozokwo, Jim Iyke, Nadia Buhari,  Mike Ezunronye, and the popular akin and paw-paw has made Nollywood movies a must watch, because of the film tricks they perform.


It is a big slap on the face of Nollywood if till now they can’t compete with one of the most interesting movie industry in the world, Bollywood. Watching some Yoruba movies and Ibo films is always annoying. The war part is like that of avatar the cartoon movie. One will begin to think some Nigerian actors get their inspiration from cartoons. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you when you see someone dies after receiving a knock from someone. In a country where there is no law, all this is bound to happen. Obviously, there is no law guiding those people making idiotic and lame movies.

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Above all this, some Nollywood movies are still very unique and a must watch. It is so unfortunate that comedians and musicians are the ones changing the face of the industry. Some actors who call themselves veteran actors should stop acting and go and sell suya at a joint. The Nollywood industry still has a long way to go!!!