Ladies: Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Keep A Man

Many young ladies biggest problem out there is keeping a man who truly loves and adores them. How to keep a man is what most ladies need to know how to do, really. Even when the feeling is mutual, keeping a relationship strong is really a lot of work. As a lady, your body count would keep rising if you don’t know how to keep a man. There are situations whereby both parties in a relationship love each other but they always have one issue or the other. Keeping a man goes beyond love. You should know how to tolerate each other. Do you want to know how to keep a man? Get a cup of water and keep reading

Praises: The same way you ladies love to be praised, guys aren’t any different. They really love it when you shower praises on them. It makes them feel on top of the world. Praising would keep a guy wanting for more. Nothing swells a guy than praising him. Although, most ladies shower praises only when they want something, that’s really bad. It gets to a point where he won’t be moved anytime you praise him. Praising him refreshes the love he has for you. How do I praise my man?

Calling him names he loves to be called, appreciating all he has done for you, and making him on top of the world are one of the best ways of praising a guy. You have to look at him in the eye to show how genuine your praises are.

Nagging: One thing every guy hates is a nagging lady. Nagging is a very bad character some ladies possess. Nobody wants to be with a nagging lady talk less of starting a life with one. Even God hates nagging!

Be Supportive: Men need supportive ladies in their life and not parasitic ones. Being supportive will keep him hooked to you. Everyone needs a back to fall on at one point or the other. Being supportive doesn’t involve money as most people think. There are different ways to support each other. Be his shoulder to lean on.

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Don’t be jealous: Being jealous is very natural and normal, it shouldn’t be a feeling you should have all the time. If you used to getting jealous each time he is with a female friend or even his sister, you might want to work on yourself. Jealous ladies are known for asking about every lady that comes around there men. But really, if you guys trust each other, why are you making life hard for him? If you continue with this attitude, you are gradually pushing him to some pretty lady waiting for you both break up. You should share what you are going true with him. Jealousy can destroy both you and your relationship. Be cool

Be honest: If you are a lady and you can do without telling a lie, you have got a real problem. We all do believe that not telling a lie in a relationship is not possible. Excuses of telling a lie to safe the relationship arises in this scenario. What is the essence of both of you together if he doesn’t believe any single word that comes out from your mouth? The moment you start telling different lies to him, it would become very hard to stop. Honesty is the best policy in every relationship.

Study shows guys are more into girls who are not afraid to say what they want. It is not new that men love bedroom biz, talking about your dislikes and likes or what sex positions you prefer and the ones you hate would really help your relationship. Just speak up and be honest about anything you say.

Be naughty: Nobody wants to be with a boring person because they would make their days boring too. If you are a boring person you have to look for someone boring to date, lol. Most guys love ladies they adore to be around them doing different things that would make them happy except from some who just wants to be loners. If you want to keep a man and want him to still be interested in you sexually, you have to be naughty. Give him massages, lay still on him when you see he is moody, and all other naughty things you can do.

Awe his friends: Men are very selective and most of them want to have the best girl in their social circle. When his friends tell him you are great and all that, he is going to be proud of himself and boast of you anywhere he goes. It is not easy to keep a man but doing this will make your relationship a lot less stressful.

Be a good cook: Men generally love ladies who are really good when it comes to cooking. A wise man once said that they way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He would want to bring his friends or family over to show he has got the best girl in the world. If you can’t cook him a good meal, then it’s only a matter of time when someone who can comes his way. Learn how to cook.

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Respect Yourself: Ladies are very soft and fragile in nature and so most guys believe nothing is going to happen when they misbehave or treat their ladies badly. Now, you have to let him know if he treats you badly, you have the strength to move on. You have to make him feel you are the best girl he would ever meet and very lucky to have you. One of the ways to show it is to push him out of the bed if he treats you badly.

Keeping a man is a lot of work because men are polygamous in nature. Most of them want to be with every pretty lady out there. They want to go through different pussies, some would go as far as saying they want to explore.

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