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How To Create A Blog | Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

A few years back, I searched the internet on how to create a blog, only to land in sites which weren’t giving me the information I needed. I wouldn’t have wasted so much money and time if I had come across an article like this. Have you ever wanted to know how to create a blog? Then this article is for you. Read On.

Creating a blog site, I don’t mean something like “” or “” although you might want to use that if you want to play around and get yourself familiar with some important things in the world of blogging. I mean a real self-hosted blog like “” Isn’t that cool?

I will teach you how to create a blog (self-hosted WordPress blog) in 20 minutes. Yeah, I actually spent 5 days creating my first blog. Not too good, right?


I have been asked this same question over and over again. and Blogspot are free and so, the things you can do on your blog are very limited compared to a self-hosted WordPress blog. Creating a self-hosted WordPress blog makes your site looks professional. Let me quickly break it to you, you can’t monetize your blog with a or a Blogspot.

A self-hosted WordPress Blog allows you install millions of plugins that would give your users an amazing browsing experience. You can simply design your self-hosted blog or website to suit your taste. All this are not available on a hosted blog. You are really stuck with a or a hosted WordPress blog. But not to worry, you can always migrate to a self-hosted blog. If you really want to make a passive income from blogging, it’s time to switch from a hosted blog to self-hosted WordPress blog.

Using a customized email like is just so impossible. Don’t get all frustrated when you wake up one morning and discover your site or has been deleted and there is nothing you can do about it. Literally, you don’t own your or a Blogspot site. You are just a tenant who doesn’t pay house rent. Why not invest a little and become your own boss? The ball is in your court.


Some few years back, before I learned how to create a blog, I kept asking Google the difference between a blog and a website. Unfortunately for me, I had no blogger friends. The ones who claimed they knew a little about blogging would go into an argument and I would get all confused. Google did land me on some blog site and forums that talked about blogs and website and I had a little understanding about the whole thing.

Like I said earlier, my “I to know” friends always argued about the difference between a blog and a website until we asked Google. One of the arguments was; “a blog ends with a or a and a website is written as “” This was wrong!

Both a website and a blog can be in this in form “” form.

The simple difference between a blog and a website is; a blog is updated more frequently with the latest posts appearing first on the homepage. A website is not frequently updated like a blog and it contains mostly static contents on the homepage.




I have been asked this particular question, a million times. Many cannot afford to pay a professional to get their blog up and running. If you are in this category, this article is for you.

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Get a Web-hosting Company: This is literally where your blog lives on the internet. I would recommend you to use Hostgator or Namecheap. They are both very reliable web hosting companies you should use to host your blog.

When you sign up with one of the hosting companies through my link, I will take you through a step by step process on how can monetize your blog. You will be getting some priceless EBooks as a gift.


Buy A Domain Name: A domain name is people would call your blog. For example,, etc. This is what “your soon to be” blog readers would use to access to your site. A “.com” is what is popularly used on the internet. You might want to use that to create your blog. After you have paid for your domain and all, your login details would be sent to your mail. You would be using details sent to you to access your control panel.


Install WordPress: You will navigate to the “Install WordPress” icon on your control panel to install WordPress. After your Installation you would be; installing a WordPress Theme, setting up your categories, pages, and publishing your first post.

There are just 3 basic simple steps in creating your self-hosted WordPress blog. If you don’t want to go through this steps, we have professionals who can help you out on that. Click Here