Cohabitating With Your Partner

Cohabitating with Your Partner……

A lot of people still really think cohabitating with your partner reduces chances of divorce after marriage. This is nothing but a fallacy! All in the name of love, unmarried partners live together for weeks so as to know each other better. What is the essence of this if you both are not sure of living together in peace? What happens when you both breakup after 4 years of cohabitating together? Waste of time isn’t it?

Any form of relationship can end up in a fight just because of a little misunderstanding or lack of communication. And yeah, we can’t talk about cohabitating without mentioning virginity. It has become what girls don’t give a shit about losing to some “guy” who must have professed fake love.  On a daily basis you see girls’ cohabitating from one guy to another. You know what that means right? Cohabitating with your partner is not advisable as it is just a waste of time and resources if you are not friends for benefits. Is it possible for partners to cohabitate without having sex?

One of the reasons people give to support cohabitation is for both partners to know each other better before signing the life contract. Marriage needs both parties involved to tolerate, understand and be able to communicate with each other. Just like you get tired of eating rice is the same way people get tired of “marriage” but what keeps the wheel moving is Love.

This leads to an incident that happened between 2 university students cohabiting together. It was all over social media although many people saw it as a normal thing and so no attention was giving to it. According to them during an interview, both “couples” met each other during an orientation program at school, they got talking and began going out on dates. Fast-forward to 4 weeks they already loved each other and they begin to live together. After about 4 months of living in peace, a misunderstanding came up. The guy was not cheating on her; she was misinformed by some jealous people. This person they told her about was her friend who was a bit close to her boyfriend.

She went ahead to confront her friend and they both had a fight which the police later came to end. Her boyfriend heard about the fight and was furious. She didn’t confront her boyfriend. Her friend called her boyfriend and told him all that had happened and he got furious the more. He approached his girlfriend and debunked all allegations she had leveled against her friend. She was still not convinced. She trusts her boyfriend but she wasn’t really sure if she can trust him anymore after all she had heard from people. This lead to a breakup and that was the end of the relationship.

It is not compulsory for two people dating to cohabitate. This is what most people seem not to understand. Cohabitating doesn’t solve any problem instead it causes more problems. When two people cohabitating are fed up with each other which will happen. Any misunderstanding that comes might lead to a breakup.

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