Why Churches Are On The Increase In Nigeria

One will begin to think Nigeria is a holy land with the population of churches and Pastors. Nigerians are very religious but not righteous in nature. You would be surprised to find out that your friend who happens to be very frequent in church still backbites, gossips and do all sorts, too bad right? To set up a church in Nigeria is one of the easiest things to do. Get a bible; cultivate the habit of praying for people, get a small place where people can come to worship and add pastor before your name–even if you don’t the people you pray for will add it. You might be wondering why there are new churches and pastors every day. The simple truth is, making money is the sole reason why some churches are into existence. There are now different means to paying tithe, one of which is using a MasterCard or simply buying a card and using your phone to load it to the church bank account, amazing isn’t it?

Some pastors are called by God, why some are not; they simply just want to make money. How do we identify pastors who are called by God? Use the comment Box if you have an answer. Nigerians are known to be prayer warriors and believe me if you can devote your time to supplicating prayers for them, wade poverty goodbye. It’s very hard to see any Nigerian pastor without a car. In most Nigerian churches, members pay a particular percentage of their income to the church’s bank account at the end of every month, isn’t that good business? Organizing vigils will attract a lot of people as church members will invite their friends and families.

With the population of pastors in Nigeria, one will begin to wonder why people are still blind, deaf and dumb in some parts of Nigeria. Although this was not the basis on which some churches came into existence. Unfortunately, Nigerians, like they would say, are very smart and intelligent. Performing miracles has been the order of the day. If you are a pastor and you can’t perform a miracle, supplicate prayers which end up coming to pass for your church members then in less than 3 months your church will be empty. Every Nigerian has one problem or the other and the church seems to be the best place to solve it. This is one of the reasons why Nigerians have cultivated the habit of going to church, to solve their problems. Not many know that it’s not only when you have a problem you pray to God, but you pray to God at all times. One of the most popular sayings in Nigerian church still remains “Holy Ghost Fire!”