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Hello, SNG. My name is Bisola. I just discovered my boyfriend cheated on me with some girl he saved her number as “Caroline lag”. We have been together for 9 months now. He came visiting and as usual, we had oral sex since I was not in the mood for a real sex. It lasted for some minutes and we were both exhausted. Before we started the oral sex, a number kept calling him which I insisted he should pick. He said it was one of his cousins that needs money and all that. He silenced his phone thereafter. After what we did he got up and headed for the bathroom. I decided to check the number who was calling him which led me to “caroline lag”. As I was about to drop his phone, a message came in from caroline, I was so curious to know what it contained. The message was a heartbreaker to me. The message goes thus;

Why have you refused to pick my call? I am sure you are with that lazy girl who cant take care of you on bed. I guess that is why you keep coming to my house to satisfy yourself. I pity that innocent girl. I am sure she doesn’t know you are cheating on her. I want to see you today. Bye”

He came out of the bathroom, I was furious so I jumped out of my bed and slapped him giving him the phone to read what I had read. You have cheated on me, you have hurt me after all, have done for us, is this what I get as payback? I shouted.  He couldn’t utter a word. I pushed him out of my apartment.

Men are so wicked, after all, I did for him and us, and this is how he pays me back. I have been crying ever since. I still love him though. He takes good care of me but him cheating on me is what I can’t handle. I need help. I saw your broadcast message that is why I decided to send in a message. I am confused.

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Hello bisola, how are you? I hope you are good? I can understand what you are going through right now. You must really be hurt. You have taken the right step by reaching out to us. Your boyfriend has cheated on you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. I am sure you have not been picking his calls. When next he calls, pick and listen to what he has to say. Ask him these questions, do you still love me? Do you still want us? Why did you cheat on me? You guys can work things out. If he still wants you back, be sure he is no longer with that caroline of a girl. He has cheated on you and now trusting him is really going to be hard. Don’t lose faith in your relationship with him yet. If the relationship between you two isn’t going to lead anywhere, have a rethink. If you think the relationship is leading to somewhere good, work things out with him. Checking your partner’s phone isn’t too good. You might want to stop that. Be safe

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Relationships should be built on trust and when that doesn’t exist in a relationship, there is a big problem. To ladies, if a guy loves you and he has been on your neck, before you give him a yes make sure you ask him if he can control whats between his legs. Make sure you get an honest answer. You don’t want to date a dog that sleeps around, do you?

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