What Is Sauce For The Goose Is Sauce For The Gander, The Lopsidedness Of Buhari Anti-corruption Scheme

I had expected not less than 20 past administrators of our beloved country to be in jail by now, but the reverse is the case as most of them still parade themselves in this same country and move freely with dignity, Some of them even have the effrontery to challenge the agency for mitigating against corrupt practices, they even did it to the length of attempting to kill it. I don’t think anyone should doubt the fact that 99% of Nigerian stakeholders and statesmen are corrupt and official looters who are just holding their various positions to satiate their own selfish interest without minding the progress status of the country.

War against corruption as part of the promises of Baba Buhari is somehow flopping due to its lopsided nature. Prior to the election, buhari explicitly stated that he will fight corruption to his last breath but the application and execution of this promise as being a major challenge facing the current administration. Most corrupt elements are still found parading the political system of Nigeria, the EFCC is really trying up to its best of their ability but the fight against corruption has been lopsided as some chief corrupt persons are sidelined in the process.

It is clearly understood that when you attempt to fight corruption it will surely fight back but no giant stride has been taken to create fear and grief in the minds of the corrupts, though the administration started as if it will fight corruption to the last but with the recent developments and incidences the anti corruption war is about to die down as a result of its lopsidedness.

Nigeria is believed to be a very corrupt country where corruption exists at all levels and parameters. It is only in this country the public administrators have legalized corruption on their own part, when the less privileged steals they are brought to book but reverse is the case when the political elites are found guilty of a charge or others. We are in a country where the real thieves are celebrated and worshipped while petty pick-pocketers are eliminated by jungle justice without knowing if the cause of their deed is somewhat reasonable or justifiable.

Corruption has been the order of the day in Nigeria from time immemorial, it has retarded the progress of the nation. Our hopes and trusts have been prankishly played upon by our own civilian government let alone the juntas. It is therefore in a bid to collectively drive corrupt practices out of our country consensus of votes were accorded to Muhammad Buhari in the recent presidential election, but Baba has been failing us, although he’s trying to the best of his ability but he has also shown favoritism in some areas. I had expected some top past and present politicians to be in jail now because of how corrupt they are but the fight has been uni-directional in the recent days.

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I had expected Babachir Lawal to be facing the wrath of the law by now, Mama Peace should not be left out, I had also expected that she will be dancing to the music posed by the law, Good-luck Jonathan should have one or two things to say in justification of how he had facilitated the backwardness of this great country or else he should also bear the consequences and many more corrupt fellows for the sake of heightening the country’s status.

It is high time Nigeria learned from China, corruption should never be tolerated at all costs as it is the bane of development. Corruption begot all the problems we are facing in Nigeria today. I can’t imagine and comprehend an individual keeping selfishly with him/her the funds that can feed Nigerians for the next 10 years.

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Another point to be raised is to question the present administration of what the funds derived from the corrupt fellows were used for as no concrete and substantial report has been made on that in the recent days. If President Buhari does not want to loose credibility and integrity he should please look into the above allegation and work on it. The fight against corruption should bind and work on all without sidelining some set of people and it is only by this our country can progress positively, but should the President fail in this regard the chance of voting him in for the second term will be slim because we love our country more than anyone. I am a die hard fan of Buhari but if he fails to be the Buhari I know, I will disavow, dissociate him and withdraw my love, honour, support for him. My love for my country is indeed non-negotiable.
Abdulganiy Abdullah O is a columnist for signalsng.com and the director of Social World.



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