Bobrisky: A Menace In Our Society

Is Bobrisky really in his right senses? My love for Bobrisky is unimaginable and as far as he is making it, I will still love him were the words of a short yellow skinny lady I met in a bus. Bobrisky who goes by the name Okuneye Idris is a 25 year old internet celebrity who happens to have developed interest in dating persons of the same gender as his. He attended Kings College, one of the most prestigious only boys school in Lagos after which he proceeded to study at the University of Lagos where he graduated from. Rumors have it that his going to a boys only school might have added or even be a cause to his behaviors and actions. Bobrisky is a guy who behaves like a lady and also has a guy as his boyfriend. His ethics and morals totally go against that of Nigeria’s. A lot of people still do think he needs to be taken to either a rehabilitation centre or a psychiatric hospital. He is one of the most controversial internet celebrities in Nigeria.

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Where are our values and morals as Nigerians? Its Bobrisky displaying his devilish given talent today, who will be doing that next? Things like this shouldn’t be accepted or supported in our society. A lot will say it’s his business and not theirs, but then you should know someone close to you is watching and might get misled by him. This has however kept Nigerians wondering if Bobrisky really has sex with boyfriend. My mum would get people to beat me up back when I started behaving like a girl were the words he was reported to have uttered during an interview. Miss Bobrisky who is originally Mr Bobrisky became so popular after he uploaded series of pictures with his boyfriend. To make things worse, a few Nigerians are still in support of his devilish acts. One can say he does all this demonic inspired things all because of money.

Beauty products have been bobrisky’s biggest investment as he has invested both his time and money. His hair wigs were also reported to have also cost a fortune. The question still remains, will Bobrisky continue with this? For how many years is he going to keep doing this? Nairalanders refer to him as a demon in human form. Is that really true? His followers have been dashing him gifts which has kept him doing what he loves doing. He is getting paid just to behave and do like a girl, isn’t that insane? In recent times, he was reported to have received expensive cars and huge sums of money from his boyfriend and unknown persons. Will you be in support of someone close to you becoming another Bobrisky? This madness and an act immorality have to stop.

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