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Bisi Alimi: The Most Sensible Nigerian Gay Activist

One would often wonder why most Nigeria’s most controversial people attended the University of Lagos; there is something fishy about this school. It keeps producing gays, lesbians among others on a yearly basis.  Ademola Iyandade Ojo popularly known as Bisi Alimi is a Nigerian gay activist who has done nothing than to constitute a nuisance in the society by advocating for gays. Its high time boy’s only school is scraped in our society. Bisi Alimi came into limelight after he opened up on his identity as a gay which led him to be disowned by his parents and rejected by family and friends. He was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2004. On the biggest forum in Nigeria, Nairaland, Bisi Alimi has been described to be a demon in human form. How on earth will someone have sex with his fellow gender mate? A nairalander asked rhetorically. It is an act of immorality!

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Have you ever imagined how you would feel as a guy if a gay happens to be around you? You are never going to be safe because anything is sure to happen. This takes me to the story of a young boy who got raped by his teacher several times before he voiced out! He was an average student who needed help and so, his parents decided to hire a teacher to guide him. Unknowing to them they had hired a gay for a teacher. It all started one evening, his parents and siblings had gone on an outing and left him to study with his gay teacher. After being deceived, his teacher found his way through and that was the beginning of his suffering. He couldn’t tell his mom or his dad. He didn’t know how to relate what had happened to his parents which led him to die in silence. His teacher had earlier threatened to kill him and his parent if he ever tried to voice out. It all ended after he narrated all that transpired between him and his teacher to his elder brother who in turn told their parent. So a trap was set for the demon in human form.

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It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, his teacher came around and as he was about to start teaching him, he asked after his parents and he said they have all gone out. As usual, as he was about to perform his devilish act, he was caught red handed and that was the end. Fortunately, bayo who has been raped several times happens to have a soldier as a father. His teacher was taken to the barracks and made to walk naked after being mercilessly beaten. This is exactly what happens when you allow people like Bisi alimi to dwell among humans. They will bring nothing but sorrow to the society.

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One of the most senseless statements Bisi alimi has ever made was “There is no obligation in taking care of your old parents”. One who is in his right sense wouldn’t utter such. Where are our morals? The question on people lips still remains, when will Bisi Alimi have a naming ceremony? When is he going to give birth? Is he going to go through a Cartesian section? The world is coming to an end already!

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