Music: The Beauty of Afro-beat | The African Voice

Afrobeat music has been the only channel through which Africa reaches out to the world for ages, its presence lets the listener soak in self-warmth and cushions the soul of the listener at the same time.

When most non-Africans think of afro-beat back in the day, their first guess would be Fela, the world knew speaker of truth who isn’t afraid of death. Fela was a man who revolutionized afrobeat and gave it the attention it has today but he can’t take all of the credit because afrobeat isn’t just one type of music. It is the mixture of different types of music that spread across Africa, from Brenda Fassie in South Africa to Stanley enow in Angola, afrobeat deals with the fusion and that’s where the beauty resides, so much unity of so many different diverse sounds and cultures.

Fast forward to 2017, Afro-beat has a new set of leaders with a different set of messages, some of the messages are sensible and understandable, the rest….. Well, let’s just say, queer.

A  few of the major names in Afrobeat music today are Wizkid, Sauti sol, Mi casa, Sami Elvan, nameless, navy Kenzo, these are just a few, there are dozens of other names who have contributed immensely in afro-beat today.

It is hard to let go of the fact that Afrobeat is Africa’s only real voice and even though a lot of contribution are made towards afrobeat, it’s clearly not being used to its full potential and that bothers music fans and lovers across the continent. Above all,  Africa’s number 1 musical badge is afro-beat, it has been alive for years and its flame shall burn for many more years to come.

The Afro-beat we know of today was originated from Fuji, strong Nigerian drumbeats and Ghanaian high-life. It was then later taken to the southern part of Nigeria in the 1970s, by the popular Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who experimented and practiced with many different forms of contemporary music at that time. The sound hailed from a club he established called the African Shrine.


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