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Ayodele Fayose: The Comic Comedian And The Dogged Loser

Fayose Ayodele

I was checking through the lines of Facebook as usual, when I found one comic comedian as usual displaying his mouth-opening dexterity and widely accepted prowess in the field of comedy. I had known this iconic and heroic figure to be a great personality in the field of comedy, as a result of this; I had given him the honorific title of “Emeritus Professor” of Comedy in the recent days.

It wasn’t in the state of shock and perplexity I read through the lines of a Facebook page indicating that our great humorous and whimsical comedian has brought forth another mind blowing comedy by declaring his presidential ambition. Well, everyone is entitled to popular participation, after all, it is constitutional, but this will just come in a form of advice to my best and most beloved comedian. Your comedy has been selling in the industry, not only in Nigeria but in the world. Let me quickly declare that I am one your fans and I rep you so much. Your presidential ambition will make low the quality of the entertainment industry. After all, a President is obsessed with official duties than having chances for frivolities.

Mr Ayo did not even stop at declaring his political ambition, he went further to affirm comically and outspokenly that he will vie against the almighty and iconic political figure, President Muhammad Buhari and he will definitely emerge the winner, then I bursted into laughter. The issue is this, hope you did not forget we are not in Ekiti State, where some hungry and illiterate fellows sold their birthright all in the name of rice, tagged under the popular “stomach infrastructure”, this is Nigeria and your deductive reasoning won’t work for you this time around.

We are not ready to ruin our lives and that of our generations all in the name of blind kowtowing. How on earth can light be compared with darkness? This man, Fayose has been known to be the unserious and flippant type, sometimes, you will find him buying pomo in the market, or eating in the canteen, or better still dancing around and acting as the D.J in some occasions. This has shown the level of his sanity and un-seriousness. Had it been mental checkup was run before elections, I bet you this man’s ambition to become a Governor would have been buried down and it would have been an effort in futility (In SP’s Voice) because his behavior doesn’t match with that of a responsible person. How can a Governor leave his official duties to act as a D.J in a jamboree, it is indeed awful and shameful of a personality like him. So this has made me concluded on the type of personality he is, he is never a serious type and we need a serious individual as our President not a comedian.

This same man has been spotted to occasionally and frequently attack the Buhari led administration, then I asked on what basis?, after all, the party he claims to be a bonafide member of left the country in the state of comatose, after selling the birthright of Nigeria to private individuals. You are making no sense sir! Not to talk of the fact that the Ekiti inhabitants had been complaining bitterly over the years about poor standard of living, but they have no say, after all they sold their birthright all in the name rice. Endure the malediction you inflicted on yourselves. The fact that Fayose is a comedian is not far-fetched, after all his own political father, Obasanjo had described him as a miscreant, He said: “Fayose is the tragedy that happens when Ekiti people chose ‘rice’ and a ‘bastard’ over an educational colossus like Fayose. What a disaster, “I heartily sympathize with the people of Ekiti for having a miscreant like Fayose governing the state of many intellects”.

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This same man is a liar and a deceiver, he never fulfills and keeps to his promises, on many accounts, all in the name of criticizing Buhari’s administration, he had cooked so many lies and shenanigans, and also he had failed in fulfilling his promises, this same man allegedly promised that he will commit suicide should Buhari returns from London for his medical leave, Mr President had returned and Fayose is yet to commit suicide. Indeed, this has shown the level of his credibility, it appears to me that his credibility is now on life support, we can’t afford to have a liar, a cheat, and a deceiver as our President.

How can a person who his own kinsmen and political allies have betrayed and sidelined continue to be dogged in his way? The PDP had officially declared that the presidential mandate is going to the north for the coming elections; this presumes the failure and disqualification of Fayose from the primary level, not to talk of the secondary level. Mr Fayose, your ambition is an exercise in futility (In SP’s Voice).


Similarly, Fayose had turned to be a critic of the present administration not for any good purpose but in order to sell himself to all Nigerians, but unfortunately for him, he has succeeded in disgracing and embarrassing himself, and showing the world he is not worthy of character. When formal comrades and critics of government are engaged in the administration, they perform woefully and fail totally. With this, I would rather accord my vote for an illiterate or a deranged mind than grant it to the popular comic comedian and the dogged LOSER.


Abdulganiy .Abdullah .O is a columnist for signalsng.com, and  also the Director of Social World



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