Are You Seriously A Virgin?

In this modern age, one would often wonder if there is still a virgin on planet earth. The arrival of blackberry, Samsung and most especially IPhones has made some to lose their virginity. Some Ladies don’t even mind taking shawarma or Pizza for a start! In Nigeria of today, hardly would you find 2 virgins out of 30 girls. What is really happening? Yahoo guys has given girls no chance to say NO each time they are about to carry out surgery on them at night. Pity goes to those innocent guys who would end up eating leftovers. Some “virgin brothers” would go as far as setting virginity as criteria when looking for a “Wife”. After searching for years without seeing a single one they end up settling for less!

Are you seriously a virgin? Is what this “virgin brothers” ask any girl they want to hook up with. Sorry is your case if you give No for an answer. Many have failed to understand not all girls lose their virginity because of an IPhone or a shawarma! Everyone has a past; when you fall in love with them don’t push them away if they have turned a new leaf already. One of the most asked questions are should I lie to my boyfriend if he asks about my virginity status? Should I ask her if she is a virgin?

Firstly, if your boyfriend happens to ask about your virginity status, never give him a straight answer if you aren’t! That’s if you love him though! Giving No for an answer when he asks would make it seem like you have been preyed upon by different guys, thereby making you look like a dustbin! When the word virginity comes up, girls are always a case study, why? That’s simply because of their nature. The way God has created them. Guys appreciate ladies who are virgins than ones who are not. Everybody loves to buy a new car and be the first to drive it; condition is what makes people subscribe for tokunbo (fairly used) cars or 3rd hand (a used tokunbo). If you are a virgin and you are under pressure to lose it. Your hustle will pay at last, don’t lose it. Not being a virgin is not bad but it’s high time you lock your gate. Never lie about your virginity status.

Asking a girl about her virginity status is not wrong and at the same time not too good, all depends on the way you ask the question. Don’t ask as if you would break up if she says NO. That might result to her telling a lie. One way is to include humour when asking! While communicating about sexual issues with her, she might burst the bubble to you. Be smart!

Being a virgin in this day and age is something to be proud of. You are like a unicorn!

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