Amazing Benefits of Apple Fruit You Never Knew

Our ancestors forfeited the bliss of paradise, just with the bite of a fruit. Myth has is that, it’s an apple. An old welsh proverb says ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. Enough of these claims! The doctors are here to stay. In fairness, the doctors would continue to remain, even if the world takes apple every day.

A crunchy bite of a bright juicy apple to satisfy the foraging stimulus of hunger would boost one’s health in major ways. Quite popular among the fruit kingdom, this doesn’t disturb its benefits which include prevention of stomach disorders, gall stones, constipation, rheumatism, eye disorders, gout, dysentery, Parkinson’s disease. Can be eaten raw, blend as drink, baked, minced, mashed, frozen, dried.  Sweet, delicate, handy, fleshy, striking colours, short of words to describe this succulent fruit. It comes in different breeds, unique colours and tastes. Surprisingly, for whiter teeth, a bite and thorough chewing of this fruit is all you need to keep the dentist at bay. Its main action is to increase the secretion of saliva and prevents tooth decay.

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Shaped like the heart, rich in flavonoids, dietary fibres, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. No wonder! Doctors recommend it to expectant mothers. Asthma, anaemia, weak bones in babies are villains which could easily be won over with a dose of an apple a day. Accidental or un-accidental traces of mercury and lead, which are extremely toxic to the 9-month effort are removed by the detoxification property in apple. The worst nightmare of every expectant mother infection would be nothing to worry about. Immuno-competency, rich in vitamin C, apple offers protection against disease and infections. ‘In apple, every expectant mother, trust’ permit me to say. In mothers, DNA damage repair, pre-eclampsia prevention, improves appetite, liver up-keep, beat body pains. Noting that, too much of everything is bad, too many ingredients in a soup can thwart a highly laboured, prepared soup. Also, in expectant mothers, weight issues, metabolic slowdown with an increase in carbohydrate-body content could result. As instructed by the physician, an apple a day is the prescription, don’t rush it!

The word ‘potency’, belittles what this fruit can do. Improving neurological health, preventing dementia, reducing stroke and diabetes among others. Small but mighty, I refer it to be. All thanks to its antioxidant effect, it lowers blood cholesterol level. It also boosts one’s essential nutrients intake like minerals and potassium. The Almighty, I guess as an ulterior motive for making it heart shaped. Regulates blood haemoglobin level, accelerates healing are few from the help it offers to the human circulatory system.

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