Things you should stop doing

6 Things You Should Stop Doing Now

You are wondering why things are not working out for you as planned right? That is as a result of you doing things you should not be doing. We have all experienced this. You have to instill discipline into yourself to escape this habit you have developed over time. I have heard so many cries from people saying they have actually not figured out what exactly what they are not doing right. Are you trying to figure out what you are not doing right, then this article is for you. Read on.

What Are the Things You Should Stop Doing?

1. Procrastinating: If there is one thing you should shy away from doing, it is procrastination. It is a challenge we have all faced at one point in our lives. We have all delayed or postponed important things we should be doing for irrelevant activities. Research has shown the reasons why people indulge in procrastination is because the task they are to carry out is not rewarding, it is difficult or they don’t feel like doing it at that point in time even though it is very important. It is funny how the brain works right? It causes us to avoid the things we know we should be doing. One funny thing about procrastination is that you know you are supposed to be doing important things but you keep doing irrelevant things.

Designing your future actions ahead of time can help stop procrastination. For example, Deleting games or social media apps can help reduce the time you spend with your phone. Scheduling days you watch TV by subscribing for days you would be available to watch TV only and choosing your friends wisely. Procrastination is the thief of time.

2. Trying to please everyone: One of the worst mistakes you would ever make is thinking you can please everyone. It is funny how some people think they can achieve this. Trying to please everyone is detrimental to both you and your success. Why is this so? Instead of you trying to please yourself by doing things that are more rewarding and beneficial, you would be so busy pleasing others. You have to stop this now!!!

3. Leaving in the past: You can’t spend the next chapter of your life if you keep reviewing the last one. So many people have sleepless nights worried about something that had happened in the past and end up letting it dictate their future. Recalling negative experiences are always very painful and when we hold on to it, it is always very difficult to move on to something positive. It is very important to let go of the past. Learn from the past don’t dwell there.

4. Comparing yourself to others:  Never compare yourself to others and wanting to be like a celebrity or a model that inspires you. Why do you want to be like everyone else. You won’t go too far if you keep on copying people’s lifestyle. Being Unique is the best. Do what you know how to do best. Doing what others know how to do best will lead to a disaster. You have to stop doing this.

5. Not relaxing your brain: A popular misconception among people is that all successful people don’t sleep at all. They don’t usually have time to catch their fun and have time for their family and friends. The brain needs to rest for it to function properly. I had searched endlessly for a domain name, morning and night, I kept brainstorming. I ended up getting a name during a hangout with some colleagues. Most times, what we really need is to relax and not get stressed up.

6. Trying to do everything at once: You need to see the condition of this set of people. They jump from one thing to another and also from one place to another. Funny enough they barely even have time to breathe. Fond of calling themselves jack of all trades, master of none. I use to think this set of people got things done till I found out the reverse was the case. Trying to do everything prevents you from getting really good at anything. For example, Brad Pyatt, a NFL player when he started out, directed all his energy towards becoming a successful NFL player before he ventured into his nutritional supplement business called MusclePharm Corp. I use to do this a lot till i read a book. Ever since i have stop doing it.

This are things you should stop doing!!!

I hope this piece really inspires you to cut away some of this habit you possess. What else do people need to stop doing? Kindly drop your comment.

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