how to be productive

5 Quick Tips On How To Be Productive

One of the most asked questions by people is how to be productive? Being productive is very important in one’s life as it determines your success and how far you will go and how well you would do in life. Every millionaire or billionaire on planet earth has learnt or discovered the secret of being productive and took action. Productiveness is one of the essentials to a fulfilled life, so a soul that has refused or stopped being productive can as well be tagged dead. This is not overkill as the greatest achievers and most fulfilled persons were able to carve out the best way to being productive. So, you have chosen to reach the max of productivity in your life, how do you even start? Here are steps (although not exhaustive) that will fairly cover every known ways of being productive.

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  1. Get a schedule: Your success depends on how you spend your 24hours. Not many people know this and so, they never plan on how to spend their day, doing things that are not beneficial or irrelevant. Don’t expect to be productive without having a schedule. Uncountable times, i have made schedules for myself which I didn’t end up following, not that I didn’t want to follow but I wasn’t disciplined enough to follow it.
  2. Dreamers don’t sleep: I can see you trying to decode that, aren’t you? If dreamers don’t sleep, how would they dream? One of the many ways to be productive is always to achieve something every-day and not giving up or relenting. Maybe you have always wanted to write one beautiful poem the next day, so you add it to your schedule for the next day. No matter how difficult trying to get the right words for the poem might seem, don’t relent in your efforts or give up on that beautiful poem you want to write. Keep trying till you get it!
  3. Eat good food: You must have noticed that it seems almost impossible to work or carry out certain activities on an empty stomach. Eating good food doesn’t include junks and the likes. If you are the type that takes junks a lot, ulcer is coming to greet you soon. You don’t want that, do you? To be productive, you must always give your body what it wants. While working or doing a time consuming activity, you might want to take 3minute break to fill up your stomach when you feel hungry. Taking a 30minutes nap is also very good as it will increase your rate of productivity.
  4. Brainstorm: Till date, people keep asking, “how do I brainstorm?” One of the complaint by some was, each time they brainstorm they remember the movies they are yet to watch, the places they have not been to, and other irrelevant things. This happens because you are not focused. Brainstorming is a sudden thought or method of problem solving that solves a long-standing problem. Brainstorming every morning will solve some of the little problems you might be facing. This doesn’t simply mean you should brainstorm before you break up with your partner.
  5. Hang-out with friends and colleagues: One of the many ways on how to be productive is to hold interactive sessions with like mind friends and colleagues who are on the same mission as you. You might want to tell them any problem you might be facing, you might be so lucky to get an advice which would give your life a turn around. You need a break from work and sometimes vacation with people of same vision might just be all you need.

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