misconceptions about Lagos

5 Popular Misconceptions about Lagos

Misconceptions about Lagos have resulted in the increase in population in Lagos state. Every year, thousands of people troop into Lagos from a different part of the country. This is a result of some misconceptions this particular set of people have about Lagos which would be discussed in this article. Lagos which used to be the center for slave trade before independence is the most populated place in Nigeria. The survey shows that 6 out of 10 families move to Lagos every year from different part of the country. Do you want to know the misconceptions about Lagos most people have? Read on.

Success: One of the funny and terrible misconceptions about Lagos is, “if you come to Lagos you will succeed”. Let me quickly break it to you, there are people who have been living and working so hard in lagos for 10 years but are still living in that single room they rented on their arrival. They are still the same since they arrived, nothing has changed. Most of you will conclude they are being followed from their villages. You can succeed regardless of your state of residence if you keep working and praying hard. Coming to Lagos does not simply mean you will succeed. Although there are chances that you will make it due to the population but all that depends on what you are coming to do in Lagos.

Origin: At a time, due to the population of people and the different kinds of tribes in Lagos, those who ran from their state and came to settle in Lagos, concluded that Lagos is no man’s land. This resulted in a fight between groups which almost led to people who are not Lagosians to relocate back to where they came from. Lagos belongs to the Yoruba’s and it is situated in the south-western region of the country. As it stands now, thousands of Nigerians claim to be Lagosians. The biggest question remains why?

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Size: A lot of people still are not in the know that Lagos state is the smallest state in Nigeria due to its population compared to other states. There are 36 states in the country with different shapes and different population density. Lagos state, as small as it is generates the highest revenue for the country. Lagos is indeed small but mighty.

Living Condition: One who has not been to Lagos would often think life is easy and simple in Lagos because of the way of life of Lagosians. Going to parties is already a norm among Lagosians. No matter how little they earn or how stressful their work might be. Lagos is a very terrible place to work due to the stress. Is it not worth it? You can be in a hold up for 2 hours or more just because a bus hit a motorcycle. At times, after spending 3 hours in a holdup, you would end up not finding the cause of the holdup or why vehicles were not moving.

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Cost of Living: Only if people knew the cost of living in Lagos, they wouldn’t have come in the first place. The cost of living in Lagos is very high compared to the minimum daily income of an average Lagosians. Although buying products from Lagos is cheaper compared to buying it in other cities because 98% of what is used comes in directly from Lagos port or the airport. The cost of transportation and accommodation consumes the most of what an average Lagosians earn.

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