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5 Good Reasons Why Students Fail In School

You might have been wondering why students fail in school, aren’t you? Well, this is as a result of so many factors in which 5 would just be mentioned. Failing in school does not make you a failure. No, it doesn’t, there are so many individuals who have failed a lot of times in school and are doing very well in life. Some are founders and C.E.O of companies generating thousands and millions of dollars annually. On the other hand, we have had students who failed in school and ended up working as a delivery agent or are even nowhere to be found. Why students fail in school is one of the most asked questions of all time. Care to know why students fail? Relax your back and read.

Why Do Students Fail?

Poverty: Truth be told, not all students who are in abject poverty can concentrate in school. And so when you are in school dividing your attention to something else which in turn takes your time, there is every tendency you will fail in some of your courses or have your result laughing at you. Obviously this is one very main reason why students fail in school. Students who don’t have anyone sponsoring them will definitely result to doing some menial jobs to survive. Although, students who are comfortable fail, the unserious ones though!

Laziness: There are two types of people in the world today, the hardworking and the lazy. The result of hard work is success and that of laziness is failure. Among the different types of student in school are the lazy ones. They are the procrastinators. They have a test next-week and have not opened their book to read. Not until its 6 hours to the test that they begin to read and cram anything they come across. To finish all what is being taught becomes mission impossible. Most lazy students have that trait of un-seriousness in them. They prefer to watch movies and sleep all day. By their face you shall know them.

Lack of interest: Most students discover what they really want to do in life at the university. At this point they begin to spend a lot of time with what they really have passion for. In-order to prevent failure from happening, balance is needed which many students don’t take into consideration especially when they are already generating an income from their passion. They begin to have no interest in their course of study at the university.

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Sadists: It is very impossible not to see sadists in a Nigerian institution. Sadists are crazy lecturers who derive pleasure in seeing students fail. It is very impossible to have an A in their course. They come to class anytime they want to and discharge students each time they pay a visit to their office. It would be a mistake on your path as a guy to date their girlfriend. You might end up spending 5 years in school instead of 4. Why most Nigerian lecturers are sadists is as a result of their meagre salary or the way they were being taught when they were in school.

Vision: It would be very surprising to discover that 60% of students in various institutions just have eyes with no vision. Ask them where they want to be in the next 5 years, they tell you they don’t know. They are in school because others are going to school. You would understand clearly if you have met someone without a vision. Students who have no vision are bound to fail as they don’t mind spending extra 2 years in school. They don’t care about their grades. This particular set of students will always fail a course. In this set of students we have the drug addicts. Without vision you can’t grow and be successful.