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5 Fascinating Ways To Stay Healthy

These 5 ways to stay healthy would really go a long way in preventing you from any kind of diseases, sickness and also stabilizing you medically. A lot of people think staying healthy is difficult and cost a lot, that’s not true. To meet your day to day activities you have to stay healthy. An American singer and songwriter once said “Of the most important things in life, health is first, education or knowledge is second, and wealth is third. I forget the other two – Chuk Berry”. Having a lackadaisical attitude towards your health might lead you to an early grave. Starting with two ways of staying healthy out of the five ways have listed below is best.

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How to stay healthy?

Do Exercise: To stay healthy and fit, performing exercise at a specified time created by you might be what you want to engage yourself with. I have heard people close to me saying exercising is a very difficult activity. I tell them, “Have you forgotten nothing good comes on a platter of gold?” It is very important to create time to carry out this physical activity and be consistent at doing it. I tell people who come for advice to choose exercise they love doing or better at doing for a start. Skipping, jogging, walking, dancing are all types of exercise you can engage yourself with to stay healthy.


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While going to the gym, you might want to invite someone that would boost your morale and keep motivating you. It’s always interesting when you are exercising with someone. If exercising in the gym is too expensive for you, training at home is a very good option.

Eating Good Food: You don’t expect your brain to function properly if you are always consuming junks. The nutrient your body needs are not always found in the junks you consume. Stabbing breakfast and skipping meals is very detrimental to your health. Apparently, making sure your food contains nutrients your body needs is one of the easiest ways of staying healthy. Have you wondered why people have ulcer? Well it’s simply because they don’t eat good food.

Sleep very well: You should be getting a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep daily. There’s a misconception that successful people don’t sleep, that’s a fallacy. After your body has undergone a strenuous activity, you might want to consider relaxing for a while. After eating good food and performing exercise, sleeping at the right time is what you should do next. After a long days work, retiring to bed is always the next activity but not many people do this. We had a conversation with a reader and it goes thus;

staying healthy

“Hello signalsng, I have a whole lot of work on my shoulders at the office. I work 8-8 endlessly to meet up deadlines and I take different drink that keeps me awake till I finish up my work. I end up passing my weekends taking drugs and going to the hospital. I really want to stop this. What should I do?”

My Reply;

Dear Reader, I want you to know that you can’t cheat nature. You have to know how to manage your time. It’s a must if you want to get a lot done. You don’t have to stop yourself from sleeping to achieve your goals. Denying yourself from sleeping has adverse effect that’s why the hospital has turned your new home every weekend. Ensure you have water and fruits beside you while working, it helps you work faster. Don’t deny yourself from sleeping all the time. Taking fruits and water is beneficial to the body. You should stop taking those drinks and give your body rest when it needs it”.

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80% of People who work endlessly do not sleep very well because they belief sleeping while you have important things to do is a lazy act. You would always have important things to do and therefore not giving your body what it needs will lead you to the hospital. You don’t want to be spending weeks in the hospital, do you?

Take Water: Water is the most important natural resource to man, without it you can’t survive. On the other hand there are people who don’t like taking water, funny right? Water has a lot of benefits unknown to man. Zam-Zam water is a kind of water with an historical background that is able to cure any kind of sickness or disease in the body. If you are having headache, stomach ache, or you are feeling hungry, the first thing I would advise you to do is to take water. Do you know your brain is 90% water? Well, now you know. Your body consists of a certain percentage of water same as your blood. Water also boosts your immune system. To stay healthy you need water.

Take Fruits: To stay healthy, you have to take fruits more frequently as it would reduce the risk of you getting sick or prone to diseases. When going on a journey with your colleagues or family or friends, having a small bag containing different types of fruits is really the best. Apart from taking water, you might want to take fruit when you have a headache or you are feeling very tired. Taking fruit is very beneficial. There is a popular saying whiich says “an apple a day will keep you away from the doctor”. Have you been wondering why fruit is good for you? I hope you have found your answer.

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