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5 Amazing Tips To Finding A Good Man

Finding a good man has remained a problem faced by many ladies which has remained unsolved. One would wonder why there are breakups in marriages and relationships. This is as a result of both parties in a relationship not being compatible. In every 1000 ladies you see, there is always 950 praying to God for a good man. If you are gay, am sorry this article isn’t meant for you. The question on the lips of every lady still remains “Do good men still exist?” Are you in search of a good man? This article is for you.

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He has a good image: One of the qualities of a good man is that he has a clear and good image. This is one of the qualities every sensible lady should look out for in a man. A man who doesn’t possess this quality is a no go area!!! You don’t want to end up crying after 2 months, do you? An addicted smoker doesn’t have a good image same as a drunkard.

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Hardworking: Every ladies dream is to find a man who can pay the bills even when she can. A man that is comfortable. Dating a lazy man with the hope that magic would happen and he would get rich is a mistake you don’t want to make. Don’t be blinded by love. No matter how much he claims he love you, advise him to get something doing. A man who is not hardworking can’t take care of you.

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He has a Foresight: A quality possessed by every good and responsible man is foresight. Finding a good man is very difficult which is why most ladies fall into the wrong hands and get their lives destroyed. Your life would never remain the same again if you date or marry the wrong person. A responsible man thinks about where he wants to be in 5 years to come, and what he wants to achieve. Is it possible for someone who doesn’t have the foresight to have plans for you?

He must be honest: When there is no trust in a relationship, a breakup follows suit. Every relationship should be built on a very strong foundation which is trust. You should who would tell you it’s 9 o’clock in the morning and you wouldn’t bother checking the time because he is an honest person. To find a good man, you must also be good.

He must be able to protect you: In any circumstances, you find yourself in, your man must be someone who would stand by you and protect you even if you are wrong. He won’t publicly join others when they are criticizing you. The biggest mistake you would ever make is to date a lazy man. I believe you don’t want to. There are different ways to know if a man can protect you or not. One of which is doing something not too good to your friend, you call him to judge your actions. He sides you publicly but tells you secretly what you did was wrong!

Finding a good man is every ladies dream but you have to have some of these qualities to find someone with such qualities. You are a terrible liar and you want to be with a totally honest person? Life doesn’t work that way. You might be lucky to find someone though!

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