5 Affiliate Programs Bloggers Make Money From

The question on the lips of every blogger is “how do I make money from my blog” I asked myself that same question when I started out as a blogger. Blogging has become the means of survival of so many. Do you know why? Because it is lucrative.  Isn’t it cool to make money from your comfort zone? Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways bloggers earn thousands of dollars at their comfort zone every month. I am going to make this as short as possible. Please read on.

Amazon Affiliates: Amazon is the largest online store in the world. It has an affiliate program that’s open for bloggers that want to monetize their blog. There affiliate program is one of the largest in the world. Nobody has signed up for this and regretted. You might want to check “how to sign up for Amazon affiliate”.

After you must have been approved by Amazon?   There adverts would start displaying on your site. Each time someone clicks on the advert and purchases something, you get a commission. Someone who might want to buy a product that worth just $5 might end up buying a product worth $100 and you earn a commission on everything they buy.

The Other day, my friend was asking me where he could get a very good headset, I told him to visit my blog and click on the Amazon ads which he did. I told him to further type in headset in the search box and that was the end of the story. He bought headset worth $120 and I got paid.

Web-hosting Affiliates: Let me quickly break it to you. I currently earn from hostgator affiliate program and it’s really amazing. I don’t pay for web hosting services for the other blogs I manage. The webhosting company does. All you have to do is get the banner on your blog and that’s all. When people sign up for a hosting plan through your link, you get paid. There are other forms of allowing people to sign up through you such as Coupon codes, text links etc

I know you must be thinking, how would people sign up? Write an article like this and insert your affiliate link in a text like this “Get 60% discount when you sign up on hostgator”. You can as well make a “How to” YouTube video and tell people to sign up with your coupon code SMALLCASH20 (that’s my coupon code though) anytime time they want to sign up. This will really pay your bills.

ClickBank: This is a very popular and well known affiliate network used by bloggers. Like Amazon, it features different digital products and some membership sites. To end it all, they offer up to 75% commission on their products. Although some bloggers would say they can’t sign up due to some of their practices.  ClickBank pays commissions to affiliate marketers weekly and their payment method is flexible. You might be hearing of this the first time. In a class of 20 where there is a best student, there is a possibility people wouldn’t know the 2nd best, because there can only be one best student. This is the case of They are a contextual ad network from Bing (Google competitor) and works very well for bloggers with traffic from United States, UK and other English speaking countries. is similar to Google adsense. When one doesn’t work the latter is there to help you make money from your blog.

Google Adsense: Google Affiliate Program is popularly known as Google Adsense. This is the most popular affiliate program for bloggers. Virtually anyone who is a blogger knows this program. It is one thing to apply and another thing to get approved. Hey! Am not trying to scare you but it’s the simple truth. To get your adsense approved you must have good content (No 18+ contents), Fast Page load, Good and responsive blog, Low bounce rate, traffic etc

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Applying for adsense will allow Google to place ads on your blog after you must have inserted few lines of code in your blog and you get paid whenever someone clicks on it or an action is taken. You must have accrued up to $100 before you can pay out. Your earnings has no limit as long as traffic to your blog is on the increase.  You need to be consistent, Post quality contents, and share your posts on social media. Then the sky is your beginning.

If Google adsense doesn’t approve you! You might want to give a shot.

Don’t clutter your blog with too many ads. Signing up for one or two ad networks which can generate the max amount of revenue for you is the best. There are other affiliate programs but this are the Top 5 most promising affiliate Programs bloggers should try Signing up for.

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